Cast the Light, Exhibition of Recent Drawings

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Submitted by Newberry on Sun, 2008-03-02 06:01

You are invited to a show of my recent drawings, Cast the Light, March 8th, in my loft in NY.

The nude, both male and female, plays a big role in my work. It's my view that the nude is one of the greatest subjects in the visual arts to express individuality. As soon as you put a figure in clothes you classify their period and status. I think of it as clothes tell you who someone purports to be, and the nude shows you who they are inside.

It is also interesting that Christian, Judaism, Muslim, and Postmodern ethical systems reject positive, nude ideals.

Anyway, the show is a series of charcoal nudes in hand painted oil frames, the color mixed uniquely for each image, uv glass or uv plexi glass, and 8-ply acid free mat.

Each of the works plays off the visual metaphors of cast light. For the realist, each image was set up to create those dramatic shadows.

Though the prices for my major works has climbed beyond $55,000 usd, these works will be priced very reasonably--made up of the model's fee, the framing, show expenses and a little something for the artist. Smiling

For those of you that own original art you know what a special difference that makes in your lifestyle. For those that don't perhaps now is good time to find it out what the power of real art does in your possession.

On my site,, I will be posting the finished, framed images through this week; and posting the prices the day of the exhibition.





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 Thanks for compliments

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 Thanks for compliments Jameson. It won't cost you anything to look, but if you would like to  possess Venus, for example, that would cost you a Cresswell home, paid in full, on a few acres of land with views that New Zealand is famous for. Smiling


How refreshing to hear an artist talk money...

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Powerful work, Michael, and provocative titles... worth every penny.

Such a masterful use of the medium; so striking it's treated me to a flashback to my favourite wing in the Louvre - the hall that holds the drawings of history's great masters.

So, Mr. Newberry, what will it cost to see a couple of your female nudes? Smiling

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