ARI is Optimistic

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Fri, 2008-03-07 20:42

Why, exactly, is the Ayn Rand Institute optimistic about the future?

Yaron Brook explains at the end of a recent public Q & A.

[Thanks to Noodlefood for the link.]

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...for me, too...?

Here is a hope-African story

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It seems that The Age of Rand is coming faster then Frederick Cookinham predicted in his book.He,as many other Objectivists including Rand herself, keeps horror file. I, however, keep Atlas file instead. Here is one of my stories which is personal experience .I'm doctor, working in oncology department, Johannesburg, South Africa. One day we admitted old patient with terminal esophageal cancer (cancer of gullet).This patient arrived from the tiny very backward African Kingdom of Swaziland for radio and chemotherapy. He is old, lonely and very poor, illiterate African man. When he learned that he has to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks in order to complete his treatment, he said that he has a request. What you'd think the old man asked for: compassion, priest, food, money, pain killers?-NO! This terminally ill man asked for a job! Any job. Do you believe it? This man never heard about Roark, Rearden or Dagny Taggart, but he has the spirit of them all. While I was listening to him I was thinking: “Here is a hope."
People on this site have tendency to sneer on ARI as randroids, randosaures and muftis who rule by fatwa. I think is about time to start appreciating guys who actually do something to bring The Age of Rand, not just to prattle about it. And for all people who like to discuss the virtue of benevolence and unilateral funds transfer I say-this is the case to support. The rest, all miserables around the Globe will do much better if they’ll learn from this old, sick,poor and proud African man.

I think that the Free Books

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I think that the Free Books to Teachers Campaign is an excellent way to spread Ayn Rands ideas, and I would so love to see it expand to other countries.

There is a quote attributed to Max Planck (The Philosophy of Physics):

An important scientific innovation rarely makes its way by gradually winning over and converting its opponents: it rarely happens that Saul becomes Paul. What does happen is that its opponents gradually die out and that the growing generation is familiarized with the idea from the beginning.

Makes sense that the same applies to Objectivism.

BTW, the link did not work for me too, I watched via Noodlefood.

Cheers Casey, and yes, I got

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Cheers Casey, and yes, I got to that, the problem was when I clicked start. It's okay though, I put my brain back on and clicked through to the Noodlefood link and watched the clip there.

Works for me...

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It opens on a still of Brooks waiting to be clicked to start.


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That link doesn't work. It goes to the opening frame of the video, but when play is pressed it errors out, 'video no longer available'.

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