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Submitted by Charles Henrikson on Tue, 2006-02-07 16:55

(Due to some of the discource going on in some of the threads on SOLO) I am reading these obviously hostile/agressive/angry posts, but there is a smiling-happy-person's picture of the person sending it. Perhaps we could have a few pictures that we could choose from while making a post: a happy picture, a jesting picture and an angry picture...or something akin to smiley icons? just a thought.

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I was pissed when this pic was taken.

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Years ago when I took this pic, it was right before a show... and I think a few minutes before I emptied a bottle (or can I don't remember) of pepsi into the guitarist's crotch as he laid in the girders. We were a mess and he'd canceled practice the night before and we were a couple hours away from playing with a drummer we barely knew.

This photo was taken shortly after he chased me around for about a block (I still have a photo of that somewhere).


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

I have a mean looking face on ROR

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My picture on ROR sort of glares at the other users. It is very useful because for whatever reason I am always grumpy whenever I'm on that site. In recent posts you can see me glaring it MSK Smiling

- Jason


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Linz with a stern look on his face, shaking his finger at the camera...

Wotta Ninsult!

I don't do "stern." I do "incandescent."

Think I'm a wuss or something?

The funny thing is I always

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The funny thing is I always interpret the emotion into the photo.

Linz's smile looks damn scary when he's pissed.

Though sadly I miss Jon Letendre's old photo (best angry photo ever... bar none)


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Worse would be Linz's

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Worse would be Linz's jesting butt.


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Ha! But the person writing the post should get to pick. I can just see it now: Linz with a stern look on his face, shaking his finger at the camera...

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