Vatican Announcement: Being 'Excessively' Wealthy is a Deadly Sin

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Submitted by Jameson on Tue, 2008-03-11 21:31

In an effort to encourage a revival of the Sacrament of Penance, Number 2 at the Vatican, Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti, has listed seven new deadly sins, chief among them, Environmental Pollution, Genetic Manipulation and Accumulating Excessive Wealth.

According to this report from The BBC "He also named abortion and paedophilia as two of the greatest sins of our times. The archbishop brushed off cases of sexual violence against minors committed by priests as "exaggerations by the mass media aimed at discrediting the Church."

1. Environmental pollution
2. Genetic manipulation
3. Accumulating excessive wealth
4. Inflicting poverty
5. Drug trafficking and consumption
6. Morally debatable experiments
7. Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

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This is an underground service from Catholic Church Inc. Also, ask to connect to their online shop:

Indulgences: US$500

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Oh, this came as a bit of surprise to me, too, Reed, and I understand your desire to read the full context of this -- of course. Smiling

Verbatim quotations from a senior Church official and archbishop -- from more than one source -- generally give me confidence, however...

Damage control?

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It's curious that the transcript of the interview doesn't appear anywhere. But it would appear the message that these new sins are of the mortal variety went out from HQ all right: This site posts a message from the Catholic Information Service for Africa which begins as follows:


Catholic Information Service for Africa (Nairobi)
11 March 2008
Posted to the web 11 March 2008

The Holy See says polluting the environment, drug pushing and genetic manipulation are some of the new grievous, or mortal sins.


Maybe the Pope has changed his mind. Maybe God has! I've left a message on His answer machine. Or at least the Church's.

Reed, why would you think this too silly to be true? Christianity is too silly to be true, but that hasn't stopped you!

James -I'm curious to see

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James -
I'm curious to see if what was reported was accurate and in context. I don't have any emotional investment in the subject but the report doesn't sound right so I am interested in what the Vatican has to say.

When do you think the sources you mention are beyond doubt? Always, when they agree with each other or just when their perspective lines up with your preconceived ideas?

I found the L’Osservatore Romano (the quote source) but the article doesn't appear to be on their site yet.


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Don't trust The Times Online?

Or Fox News?

Or, an AP report from The Globe and Mail?

Then, will you trust these latter-day heresy-hunters?

"Accumulating excessive

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"Accumulating excessive wealth" -- the sin to replace "envy," no doubt.

LOL, well put James.

As reported this looks too stupid to be accurate, does anyone know where the Archbishop's press release can be found ie. his words on a Catholic site rather than a report about what his words were.

Go For It

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No, Richard, I will leave it for you to "experiment" with murder, fraud, and dictatorship.

I already know what the results will be.

Morally debatable experiments

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"Morally debatable experiments" - such as this one, James?

Very good points James

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You list the precise recipe to hinder progress.

Perhaps religion fears progress the most because history shows the great lengths that religion has taken to move away from it.


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"INFLICTING poverty" -- like all Democrat and Labor Party legislators around the world consistently do?

"Genetic manipulation" -- even to cure genetic diseases?

"Accumulating excessive wealth" -- the sin to replace "envy," no doubt.

"Morally debatable experiments" -- you know, in the past this would've included the development of anesthesia, scientific cadaver dissection, astronomical observations, etc.

If you take a look at that

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If you take a look at that list it would seem apparent the Catholic church wants to take the West back about 700 years: I wonder if it's their version of fighting Islam - we can start the Crusades again. Although some bright points:

- Excessive Wealth: this must mean the Church is getting ready to divest its assets, giving them to the poor, it being one of the most wealthy organisations on Earth.

- Inflicting poverty: excellent, they're finally going to sanction birth control and abortion in the third world so they can get out of their subsistence cycle.

(Sandi, I think their intention is to list the seven 'modern' sins, and these are to be added to the existing seven.)

Um, all these sevens: isn't there something pagan or Satanist about that? Any numerologists?

There is no logic

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I find it extraordinary that the Pope hasn't included "Murder" as a sin.

What about being excessively

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What about being excessively poor? That seems more hazardous to your health Smiling.


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