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Submitted by mvardoulis on Mon, 2008-03-24 23:58

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If so, please have 'him' (or 'her') the poster formerly known as Malcolm X contact me at my personal email address at mvardo@gmail.com. I just want to know a little bit more about this poster whose using one of the most interesting men in history as his/her own identity, and where they are 'coming from' - especially if they happen to think we SOLO-ists are all a bunch of white conservatives!

I happened to be a student of one of the REAL Malcolm X's students (a grand-student of Malik Shabbaz', I guess you could say then), and I want to pick the brain of anyone who identifies strongly enough with the Honorable Mr. Shabbaz that they would use his image on line. If Linz would allow it, and "Malcolm" would be forthcoming, perhaps I can throw this 'olive branch' as part of this thread so the discussion can be a little more 'public' for SOLO's purposes?

From another post by the Malcolm-poster, I think the Malcolm-poster misunderstands Capitalism very deeply, as do many people who may have stumbled upon SOLO inadvertantly. Again, I'd like to open a discussion, throw down an olive branch, either in private or as perhaps attached to this thread, with the INDIVIDUAL who posted as the late, great Malcolm X.

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I should think the anonymous "top commenter" is the Namblaphile Jim Peron (or its cheerleader Michael Kelly) to which some Act folk like Rodney and Lindsay M were inexplicably in thrall. These things, Peron and Kelly, worshippers in the Church of the Brandens, like to say I run a "cult" which is always "shrinking."

Nope, Jesus weren't me. I

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Nope, Jesus weren't me. I am, of course, The Messiah in all my guises, but JHC, he weren't me.


Well, from Lindsay Mitchell's Perigo post of today, the top commenter seems to think you think you are JHC, which makes us all classical music loving disciples - pass the wine please.

So, who is Judas then? Evil


Morris, I gave you a deserved hard time when you arrived, but welcome again, and why isn't your girlfriend here then?

All hail Messiah Linz!!!

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Ah well, if you WEREN'T Jesus, then Linz, it just goes to show that alternate identies are welcome here on SOLO (provided our beloved messianic moderator is informed). Suffice to say, you know who "Jesus" poster was, Linz, and you've no doubt taken many other guises that I didn't even mention.

And let's not mention the Al Gore recanting of global warming thing.... Smiling

I Am and That Wasn't ...

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I think you'll find the amazing Mr. Lindsay Perigo is more than willing to co-conspire with any future alternate-identity antics provided you clue him in ahead of time. New Zealand's primary voice for liberty and reason has in fact been known to pose as Karl Marx or even Jesus H. Christ from time to time....

Nope, Jesus weren't me. I am, of course, The Messiah in all my guises, but JHC, he weren't me.

Good to see the real you, Morris. You're better looking than Malcolm X anyway.

Landon, you flatter me

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I have no great power of persuasion on this site or even relating to this site, beyond what our Master of Ceremony and Host Lindsay Perigo allows! Smiling

Besides, I haven't yet been able to get my friend of 18 years, Richard Boddie, to at least post something every now and again... though I'm still trying...!

And I don't think you'll be banging your head over Morris' posts as much as you might think, unless you have your Germanic heavy metal playing in the background and are therefore predisposed to head-banging anyway. Smiling

Good to 'see' you Morris!

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And if you believe the closing sequence in the gorgeous movie "Malcolm X" - all who seek to follow the example of Mr. Malik Shabbaz *ARE* MALCOLM X - so your ruse made a little bit of sense to me in that regard as well. Glad to see your more 'complete' identity, nonetheless! Eye As you already guessed, I think you'll find the amazing Mr. Lindsay Perigo is more than willing to co-conspire with any future alternate-identity antics provided you clue him in ahead of time. New Zealand's primary voice for liberty and reason has in fact been known to pose as Karl Marx or even Jesus H. Christ from time to time....

And as far as not agreeing with everything Malcolm X said, I think that is a claim even Malcolm himself would have made toward the end of his life. One of the most impressive characteristics of Malcolm X was that he was so damn GENUINE! He was passionate and strong, yet when presented with truth which contradicted his beliefs he was not afraid to public ally alter his beliefs accordingly. In other words, he was *never* a politician!

I'm glad you decided to post to SOLO, which IMO is by far the most interesting of all Objectivist sites. I find Malcolm X to be one of the most important and relevant historical figures, and while I believe he still had yet to 'connect the dots' between the self-reliance he so passionately believed in and the only economic and political systems which support it (that is to say capitalism and libertarianism), I believe he was well on his way by the time he was brutally assassinated. In fact, though I'm not a conspiracy theorist per se, I think it was because of his emerging individualism that he was becoming that much more dangerous in the eyes of the government that no doubt feared him greatly.

I was brought into the l(L)ibertarian movement and by extension re-introduced to Objectivism (I'd read Rand as a young teenager) almost 18 years ago by a man who was not only a student of but was with Malik/Malcolm X just weeks before he was slain. Richard Boddie, known both nationally here in the United Police States and internationally as "Senator Chocolate" due to his having still do date gained the highest number of votes for the office of Senator as a Libertarian. When I first heard Richard speak at my college, I was blown away - Barack Obama's got NOTHING on this guy!!! He's worthy of being called the second coming of Frederick Douglass. He helped to steer me away from my left-anarchism (along with a bit of racism against people who *shared* my lighter complexion!). The fact that he knew Malcolm and worked with him for a time only made me take him that much more seriously when he spoke with reverence about people like Ayn Rand, Ludwig Von Mises, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

Richard Boddie agrees Malik Shabbaz/Malcolm X was evolving into a free-market libertarian before his untimely death. I've been trying to drag Richard on to SOLO for almost a year, and perhaps now that there are at least TWO SOLO-ists (probably more) who see the importance of Malcolm X, we will be graced with Senator Chocolate's presence from time to time as well.

I've asked the editor of the world's greatest libertarian - objectivist magazine 'The Free Radical' Mr. Peter Cresswell, if I can post here on SOLO the final edited version of my most recent column I wrote for the upcoming issue. Coincidentally, I hit on topics related to the issues you raised here on SOLO, though having been written over a month ago.

I look forward to your future posts, Morris!

I am not Malcolm X

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... but I impersonated him recently here on SOLO. As I told Mike in a private email, I wasn’t trying to pull a fast one; I just thought it would be fun to use the words of a historical personality and great individualist on the topics of today, and as one poster said, “to stir the pot a little”. Malcolm’s words are his, not mine. The posts were direct quotes from Malcolm’s speeches. Although I don't agree with everything he said, I believe Malcolm and his ideas are relevant today. I am inspired by how he lived his life, and also by his message regarding the power of pride and self-reliance. I should have cleared all this with Mr. Perigo and I apologize to him publicly for not doing so.
Now a little about me: I am a freshman in high school and although I am not an Objectivist, I am familiar with various Objectivist communities online; my girlfriend is a big fan of Ms. Rand. I enjoy basketball and reading about economics, philosophy and politics.

Glad to hear it

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I figured if anyone could convince him to stay it'd be you Michael. Looking forward to hearing more from the guy, with the understanding that I'll likely be hitting my head against a wall after many of his posts. Smiling


Never mistake contempt for compassion, or power lust for ambition.


No, actually...

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...I did hear privately from our Malcolm X poster, and I expect he will be 'unmasking' himself on SOLO at some point in the immediate future. I had a pleasant email conversation, but I'll let him introduce and explain himself when he's carved out some time for it.

A hoax, perhaps?

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Might it be like the person posting as Karl Marx? Just somebody (perhaps even an Objectivist or libertarian) posting things to stir the pot a little....seems so outrageous that this can't be ruled out!

"I am Malcolm X"

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A common concept among those who have been inspired by Malcolm X's teachings is to identify themselves directly with the man himself, as depicted in the closing sequence of Spike Lee's movie, wherein students and other individuals state emphatically "I AM MALCOLM X" - so I imagine this where our mysterious poster found the motivation to 'impersonate' Malik Shabbaz. I sent a private email to 'Malik' which bounced, and thus far there has been no response to my more public post here, my hope is that 'Malik' will reconsider and respond.

In the event that 'Malcolm' is still reading this site, you can reach me privately (and you have my word I will respect your privacy if you wish to KEEP our interaction private) at my personal email of mvardo@gmail.com. I really wanted to keep a dialogue going.

The 'olive branch' ...

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...is a 'personal' olive branch from myself to our mysterious Malcolm-poster, whom I've emailed privately as well. And Mark, second only to the ACTUAL Malcolm X posting here, I would love for the Malcolm-poster to be Senator Barack Obama, as I've a lot of (more intense) questions for HIM as well! Smiling

I know our mysterious Malcolm-poster has a very typical and very incorrect view of capitalism, and doesn't quite get how individualism is the antidote to racism, thereby eliminating the excuse FOR ANYONE to be racist.

I sincerely hope he/she reveals their true identity to SOLO so they can post again, or at the very least emails me privately.

I've got this theory that he

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I've got this theory that he may be Barak Obama trying to infiltrate SOLO.

No olive branch required ...

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.... just the fellow's actual identity. Then he can post away to his heart's desire.

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