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Submitted by mvardoulis on Thu, 2008-03-27 00:58

I said it over ten years ago and it is still true to this day - "The Free Radical" is the best libertarian (and objectivist) magazine in the world! Kiwis, please don't take it for granted (I'm sure most of you don't), and non-kiwis, don't underestimate the impact of a pro-liberty magazine which comes from 'somewhere else' - it's a good way to open up conversations as well as minds!

And no, I'm not getting paid to post this, either! Smiling

About the only currency worth less than the U(P)S dollar is the kiwi dollar anyway...

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home financing...

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...I can get financing up to 97% of a home's value, and even have the remaining 3% plus closing costs accounted for in a very liberal/permissive underwriting fashion, but I'd have to document income thoroughly, and show convincing documentation to demonstrate the purchase is of a primary residence where you would live at least more than 50% of the time.

Documenting income, but for a second home where there would be no need to show 50% or more residency, I would be restricted to 90% of the home's value.

Without documenting income, probably no more than 80-85% of the home's value.

Especially in the latter two scenarios, we'd have to translate some of your established credit into the American credit reporting agencies, but there's a method to doing that which is not so troublesome.

I'd love to help you in any way I can, Reed, and not just because you're a SOLO-ist! If you want to get into further detail but don't want to tie up the SOLO boards feel free to email me on my personal email address of

What percentage of a house's

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What percentage of a house's value can be financed for a New Zealander?

And for a great and surprisingly understandable...

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...explanation as to *why* the U(P)S dollar SUCKS ASS, read George Reisman's recent post on the subject of the credit crisis. The man's brilliant. Smiling

Meanwhile, Canadians, welcome! SPEND MONEY HERE. In fact, you should buy a second if not primary home here, and I'm just the man to help you to get it financed...! Smiling

Canadian Dollar

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Yeah, the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US Dollar. The funny thing is, prices are still much higher in Canada than the US.

Although, it does have some good effects for the slowing US economy. A load of tourists visited recently, and Canadians will cross the border ever more to buy cheap in the States.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

yes, the kiwi dollar is gaining

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...against the abysmal U(P)S dollar, which hampers my plans to live like royalty on my next New Zealand visit! Even the Mexican peso is gaining dramatically, and the Canadian dollar is surpassing! May as well just stay put. Smiling

He's right, you know.

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He's right, you know.

And no, I really don't pay him to say it.


Cheers, Peter Cresswell

PS: You know the Kiwi dollar is gaining, don't you. ;^)

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