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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Sat, 2008-03-29 00:12

Here's a link to an article some of you might find of interest. Smiling

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So far, it looks like it will be released in over a dozen languages!

You Can't Steal...

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... all our thunder, Glenn -- and you'll just have to wait for the announcements as the come!

Smiling Smiling Smiling

How long before it's out on DVD?

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Beautiful, Casey!!

Congratulations again to

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Congratulations again to Casey!!



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Had to add that it's going to be released in Portuguese, Dutch, Hebrew, Russian, Catalan, Finnish... and the figure for the total advance is climbing higher and higher!!!

How Brilliant!

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Absolutely well done Casey... what a dream come true. You rock!
If you jet-set to NZ, I'll throw you a SOLO celebration party! Smiling

Congratulations mate, that's

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Congratulations mate, that's what it's all about - nice work Smiling


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I can announce that the initial offer was for a one million dollar advance for Fragment. (The "preemption" was of another interested and equally major publishing house.)

This was turned down so that foreign rights could be negotiated separately.

And, now that the foreign offers are coming in, we can see that it was clearly the way to go. When they are added up, it will be well more than a million dollars of advance to Mr. Fahy (for his first "publisher's row" book!) (After getting the offer from Spain [in Euros], Casey's only comment, "Ole!")

It looks like Fragment will be released in many, many languages -- a dozen... TWO dozen?

More to follow...

Congrats, Casey!!

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Belated congratulations! I just now got to follow the link. The wowwee site is cool too Smiling. I look forward to reading the book.



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Your success is both a delight and great privilege to behold.

This just seems right

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Casey, I am so happy to hear about this news. It seems so right that your determination has been rewarded. You, sir, are an inspiration! Enjoy every cent and every book signing.

I'm looking forward to reading it.

Kudos, Casey!

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'Six figures' has such a nice ring to it... Smiling

Re Mullet... Wiki says: "The term for the hairstyle is newer than the style. The Beastie Boys Grand Royal Magazine 1995 issue contained a piece on the mullet. The Oxford English Dictionary cites this as the first published use of the term, along with the lyrics from the Beastie Boys' 1994 song Mullet Head. The OED says that the term was apparently coined, and certainly popularized, by U.S. hip-hop group the Beastie Boys. The name could have come from the film Cool Hand Luke."

Wiki example of The Mullet:


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Congratulations on your success, Casey. I cannot wait to buy the book.

Did he really write an article that coined the term "mullet"? If so, that is hilarious. I have always loved a good mullet when I see one.


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June of '09 for hard and paper release, if I'm not mistaken.

And, yes, it's all done.

And stayed tuned for still more exiting news!

Smiling Smiling Smiling Smiling

 Casey,   Congrats,

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Congrats, that is great news. One question. Is the book finished? God, I hope so. Smiling



And six figure sum. Even

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And six figure sum. Even with the devalued American dollar that must mean party at Casey's.

Can't wait to read Fragment ... I don't think that article mentioned publishing timeframe? 

James is being coy ...

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This is momentous. Congrats!

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