Socialized Medicine: Anti-immigration & Homophobia

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Submitted by mckeever on Thu, 2008-04-10 00:29

Hi all,

I was recently a panelist again on "On the Line" (CTS: Crossroads Television, for those with satellite TV). One of the topics for discussion was a recent report by a big newspaper chain in Canada that said (shock! horror!!) Canada knowingly let in thousands of immigrants who tested HIV positive.

Now, you'll probably be familiar with the fact that private health insurance is banned in most Canadian provinces: Canada's government health insurance monopoly is the most oppressive in the world. In fact, in Ontario, you cannot even spend your own savings to obtain tests: the philosophy is that nobody should have any health care that everyone else doesn't have. And, because "free" health care is available to any resident (you need not be a citizen), the whole mess is just another overtaxed system of rationing: too little health care, much too late.

Anyway here's the connection. As is frequently the case, Canada's many socialized health care advocates get their knickers in a knot about immigrants with HIV (or smokers, or over-eaters, or motorcyclers, or...) putting a "strain" on the health care you'll see in this video:

BTW: there are a number of other Freedom Party videos, on a variety of topics at:

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Even were the population

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Even were the population fixed and "the world", and "everything", and "humans", and "life" "perfect" in some sense in which they are not currently perfect (i.e., as I see it, everything is perfectly what it is), a government monopoly on health care would still be immoral. It would also continue to be an economic and medical failure.

In 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the government health insurance monopoly in Canada's province of Quebec because the Quebec system was "rationing", and was (surprise) causing unnecessary suffering and death. There are now similar lawsuits challenging the monopoly in other provinces.

Lie and the world lies with you.

Tell the truth, and the world lies about you.

-Oscar Wilde

Of course

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It is all about the immigration boogie man; the system is also built on the idea where there is no immigration, and there is a fixed population size and a fixed population replacement value; its based on the perfect set of circumstances. The simple fact of the matter, philosophy aside, like communism, it is based on a perfect world, and everything being perfect, the reality is, humans and life aren't perfect, and when you create a system based on the ideal scenario, it never works in practice.

Now sure, private healthcare on occasions has its own issues, but generally speaking the issues in private healthcare have more to do with government interference and regulations rather than the idea of private healthcare persay - take the US and the fact you can't purchase health insurance accross state lines (as one example).

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