Cartoons, and the Forum of Ideas

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Submitted by Alex Sagan on Thu, 2006-02-09 02:26


Aren't they great? I especially like how the Road Runner outwits Wile E. Coyote each time, not matter what force Mr. Coyote employs...perhaps, if instead of bird-seed as bait, he could leave a letter explaining his views on said Runner, which Mr. Runner would read: they could then get together and have a lively discussion on the behavioral interactions of predators/prey.

Okay, we know what cartoons I'm talking about. But it really isn't all that different from the good old days (though this point is contentious) of Looney Tunes. It's starting to look mighty 'Looney Tunes' out there, if you ask me. And, since this is a blog, you don't have to, I'll just say what I please. Comment: free speech = good, though usually not easy; violence = bad, and usually extremely easy.

The difference between the two? Putting one's reason to work to argue, without nestling a warm muzzle behind his opponent's ear.

I am amazed that the world is so deaf and dumb to this. When has the term 'tolerance' begun to be bastardized to imply 'castigation'? Who are we tolerating in favor of whom?

Which leads me to


Who populates this forum? Who walks its long corridors and basks in its great hall? Who expands and elaborates rather than explodes and annihilates? Sure, not every word spoken will be truth. That is the Danger inherent in stepping into the Forum of Ideas; you must use your experience and discerning faculty in order to parse right from wrong. It isn't dictated to you by some fuhrer, or some socialist government (same difference).

But, I've noticed, you can't speak with a muzzle in your mouth. Pun intended.

Cartoons are great...and so is free speech...

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I couldn't agree with your post more. You've laid it all out quite nicely.

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