Why another blog?

Submitted by wngreen on Thu, 2006-02-09 02:41

Don’t be deceived by the title: this isn’t meant to convince you why you should read another blog. I am trying to record my reasons for starting another one. I have haphazardly kept a livejounral since early college but I never really examined why. Ever since I noticed the ‘my blog’ link I’ve thought that this would be an experience I could get something out of in a community that fits my values. Linz’s article “Daily Linz 24 - It's the Integration, Stoopid!” made me stop and think for a while about examining my life and integrating a value driven lifestyle throughout it. So back to the question, why write another blog? I want to list the reasons right now, at the beginning so I can hold myself accountable.

I want to learn how to use this tool I only recently discovered – the philosophy of Objectivism and integrate into my life. This will mean identifying values, setting goals, tracking progress and celebrating success. Recording those things will serve to inspire me, focus me on the task at hand and sharpen my communication skills.

I remember the first time I read Galt’s speech (it was less then a year ago) and things just started to click for me. I told a good friend of mine (who told me it was a book I might like – just after I had read it) it was the biggest ‘ah-ha’ moment in my life. I went from struggling with the contradictions I had passively absorbed to understanding for the first time ‘contradictions do not exist in reality’. I think that checking my premises, out loud, in this community, will help me achieve ‘total passion for the total height!’

Great, William!

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I look forward to seeing you check your premises, out loud, in this community. Nothing thrills me more than to see intelligent newbies coming on board. Except to see them cite "the total passion for the total height." Go for it! Smiling


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