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Submitted by mvardoulis on Wed, 2008-04-23 01:40

I don't quite think my fellow SOLO-ists know just how geeky and how utterly childish some of my interests are. As a shamelessly nerdy distraction, I call a vote among SOLO-ists of similar 'taste', for the best Doctor featured on the classic "Dr. Who" . Oh I'll get on to 'important' topics like the fact that it looks like its going to be Hillary vs. McCain etc, etc, but for now, indulge me this goofy post with your vote. I'll reveal my vote later.

I have clips of all ten Doctors for your review, in order of appearance:

William Hartnell:

Patrick Troughton:

Jon Pertwee:

Tom Baker:

Peter Davidson:

Colin Baker:

Sylvester McCoy:

Paul McGann:

Christopher Eccleston:

David Tennant:

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You were warned in the beginning, Jon...

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..this is NOT a topic for 'cool' SOLO-ists (ESPECIALLY those so cool as to be wearing sunglasses for their SOLO picture!). But thanks for tapping into your no doubt deeply-buried inner nerd and offering the Tom Baker vote, nonetheless! Smiling

And Alas, Mr. Jameson, in the topic of the good Doctor's companions we part ways only somewhat:

Louise Jameson, aka Leela, is my third choice of the Doctor's companions I'd most like to travel with (Elizabeth Sladen/Sara Smith being my fourth choice, Nicola Bryant/Peri being my fifth):

Second choice, a more recent traveller, Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones:

First choice, 'cause I wanna, Billie Piper aka Rose Tyler:

Followed by more recent folks

My god this is sooo fucking

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My god this is sooo fucking nerdy Barf!

Tom Baker all the way!
lol@Dr Helen

If I had to pick one to travel with through time...

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Sara Jane Smith

[edit: then again... Leela (Loiuse Jameson) would've made some nice infinity crumpet.)

Indeed we are, Glenn...

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...and we didn't even mention the fact that Troughton had some of the most interesting companions (Frazier Hines as 19th century Highlander Jamie MaCrimmon, whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, is easily the best of the 'male' companions IMGO). I didn't even expand on the heroism of Mr. Troughton during the second world war, a trait which would have won the admiration of ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston (whom you slightly resemble, Mr. Jameson! Smiling ).

While all the other Doctors have their place in space-time, Troughton is the one who best exemplifies everything the Doctor is as a character and an icon. Every other Doctor brought something unique to the table of the T.A.R.D.I.S. but Patrick Troughton had it all!

Now, I just have to ask, would anyone be willing to commit to a favorite Doctor Who *companion* ...?

Ah, Michael...

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Seems we're the only ones talking in the same phone booth. Smiling

Ok, all interested parties seem to have cast their vote...

mvardoulis's picture here is MINE: Patrick Troughton, Doctor number two.

I admire both the actor himself (war hero AND gifted actor), and the personality he brought to the Doctor's character. Troughton set the standard for all future portrayals of the Doctor. It was Troughton who proved you could change the lead actor and the personality of the central character of the show without changing the essence of the show. Plus, subjectively speaking, Troughton's Doctor I think best embodies the mystery (we still didn't know much about his origin or even the name of his home planet, etc.), the vulnerability, the whimsical humor, the righteous determination, and the core wanderlust of the Doctor.

That being said, the first Doctor I ever saw, along with most Americans, was Tom Baker's fourth Doctor. I have my strongest 'nostalgic' feeling for Tom Baker's Doctor, the Doctor of my childhood. I also have very high regard for Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant for their amazing job not only reviving, but 'modernizing' the series. I think literally ALL the Doctors are excellent in their own way, even the eighth Doctor Paul McGann (seen only in one television movie), or the underrated sixth Doctor Colin Baker.

I suppose I could digress further into a topic of 'favorite *companions* of the Doctor' but that would be pushing it... Smiling

Ah, Lance...

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...let's not pick on the Gorn just because of it being a guy in a big green rubber suit (a la Toho studios' Godzilla - who, incidentally, was never green but charcol-colored). Eye I remember loving that Star Trek episode as a kid before I discovered the good Doctor, where I then found a show with a great deal many more rubber-suited monsters to revel in (remember the Zygons whose pet was the Loch Ness Monster? - now THERE were some great green rubber suits! And let's not forget the Silurians and Sea Devils...).

Fortunately, Ben...

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I just missed the "Captain Planet" era, but I do remember seeing the image, enough to make you vomit!

I agree, though, I'd like to see something akin to the Prisoner for adults and something equally indvidualistic/Objectivist/libertarian for 'kids' like the 7-12 year old crowd for today's television. As much as I like Doctor Who in both the original and revived series, about the only thing I get from the show philosophically is a strong sense of individualism, though nowhere near my favorite the Prisoner.

Yes, Luke...

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You win for the Ultimate SOLO-Whovian, and I'm proud to see the title go to a fellow *American* SOLO-Whovian, I was beginning to think I was the only one! Smiling

Jon Pertwee

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Jon Pertwee remains the Doctor with whom I would choose to travel given a chance.

By the way, I have all of you beaten on the Doctor Who fan geek streak:

Luke Setzer -- Global Organizer -- PROPEL(TM)

Unfortunatly for almost everyone involved

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there was no equivalent to the prisoner on the TVs of my generation Sad

But we did have captain planet which over 12 years ago had an episode were global warming and raising sea levels as a result of carbon admissions were played out at as fact (it was a cartoon with a flying super hero though just to keep it in perspective). I think that one cartoon was a big help to modern environmentalism it really was brain washing at times.

Maybe the ARI should just make a popular cartoon series then in 10 years the world will be far more rational.

The whole period from...

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...Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davidson and Colin Baker was a golden period of Doctor Who. After Colin Baker finished, the entire series went tits up and still hasn't recovered.

It starting to slightly improve again with David Tennant, but the writing is still not what it used to be.

My favourite pick is quite an unusual one, Colin Baker. Apparently his term as Doctor Who was so short because the BBC believed he was not popular enough with the public, some thought him to be "too arrogant, aggressive and ego-centric" for Doctor Who. Exactly why I thought him to be such a interesting and complex character.

This granny poll

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is turning out to be more an indicator of age demographics, I'm sure. Smiling

Though the most powerful

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Though the most powerful episodes probably belong to Tenant, Christopher E is probably my favorite character-wise. Still have a fondness for Peter Davison, and Tom Baker of course.

And as unpatriotic as it

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And as unpatriotic as it sounds, I prefer Doctor Who to *any* of the Star Treks (though I like most of those as well, unashamed geek that I am).

Star Trek had it's moments...

This was not one of them

Before my time

I was a little young but I remember watching the episodes on PBS. I should revisit some of them on my next long flight.


Tom Baker for me. And he's a

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Tom Baker for me. And he's a great comedian also.

I must be the ONLY American SOLO-ist...

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...who watched Doctor Who religiously, at least judging by the respondents to my post. And as unpatriotic as it sounds, I prefer Doctor Who to *any* of the Star Treks (though I like most of those as well, unashamed geek that I am). In fact, my two all-time favorite television shows are The Prisoner and Doctor Who (both British).

Thanks, Lance, for affirming "this is very important stuff doncherknow" - I honestly thought I'd be the only SOLO-ist nerdy enough to consider the good Doctor a topic worthy of discussion. Smiling I'll throw in my vote for best Doctor, as well as my Lance-like evaluations of all the Doctors, after all the SOLO-Whovians (assuming there are any more) throw up their vote and/or comments.

And Uncle Linz, it doesn't surprise me you're a fan of Mr. Hartnell's Doctor. You both share a similar personality, after all. Smiling I believe I saw Hartnell's cane he used during the show (and possibly off-screen as well) on auction somewhere on-line, perhaps I should track it down for you...? Who needs a sonic screwdriver when you can swat a Dalek with a cane! Or, as Sophie Aldred used, a radioactive baseball bat (not cricket, mind you, BASEBALL BAT - pandering to the American fans?) to clobber a Dalek or two.

You were around then, Lindsay?!!

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Troughton's my number one, shining in his first encounter with the Cybermen, which gave me nightmares for the first five years of childhood.

Pertwee would be my number two: I liked his quirky listhp.

William Hartnell of course.

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It went off after him. Bah, humbug!


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Geeky? Childish? Nerdish? pffffffft no way, this is very important stuff doncherknow.

Patrick Troughton bears an

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Patrick Troughton bears an uncanny resemblance to Helen Clark doncherknow.

Sylvester McCoy's Doctor had the most interesting individual personality. A dark, manipulative, very cunning mind. Though I don't know whether his portrayal influenced the writers to bend the story arc in that direction or vice versa. Certainly in the first few episodes of his incarnation his portrayal was of a bumbling clownish doctor. Again whether that was his choice or the writer's I don't know.

Jon Pertwee is the actor I primarily associated with Doctor Who when I was growing up.

Tom Baker later supplanted him as the 'iconic' Doctor. Though I still rate Pertwee as archetypal.

Peter Davison, with his celery and cricket uniform, was one of the warmer Doctors. Definitely one of my favourites.

I barely remember Colin Baker. Don't like much of what I've seen.

Eccleston was the perfect choice to revive the series, and made a smart move leaving after the first season. His portrayal was similar in darkness to McCoy's. Angry, vengeful and sometimes frightened and sad Doctor.

Tennant... ah let me count the ways I love thee. He has the warmth of Davison, the cunning of McCoy, the steely resolve of Pertwee... He does not revel in violence or killing, but as he says with the Sycorax, his enemies get "one chance" to redeem themselves (provided it does not endanger him or his companion) - then he is unhesitating and merciless. Tennant portrays the Doctor as having such an immense excitement and joy in life.

I just don't know... Pertwee/Tom Baker/Davison/McCoy would rank as my 'classic' favourites, but when the writers and actors worked together to create these quite indivdual incarnations - all with various strengths and qualities and deliberate personality differences - it's hard to say one did a better job than another (though some certainly did).

It's not like picking a favourite Bond, that's easy. Can't stand Lazenby or Roger Moore. Love Connery and that new chap wossisname? But Timothy Dalton as 'Bad Ass' Bond in License to Kill is my number one pick (the Bond characterisation - not the film).

Letting go of nostalgiac allegiance to Pertwee/Baker (and Hartnell/Troughton of course), it comes down to Davison/McCoy for me... I can't decide!

I vote John Pertwee

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He, along with a few Daleks and Cybermen (with mice), had me watching the telly from behind the sofa.

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