SOLO-NZ Press Release: God, Ghouls, Guttersnipes and Grief

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2008-04-23 07:27

SOLO-NZ Press Release: God, Ghouls, Guttersnipes and Grief

April 23, 2008

Decent people can breathe a sigh of relief that with the last of the funerals for the seven Christian teenagers who died in the Mangatepopo Stream flash floods, the phony grief of the media ghouls will no longer be spewed at us on a daily basis—at least till the next such tragedy, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

“The nightly gushings of Hollywood caring from the sewers of sensationalism have been a scandal. Why families allow their private grief to be intruded upon by breathless bimbos with ethics to match their brains and speaking skills is incomprehensible,” says Perigo.

“It is testament to how successful statist governments have been over the decades in persuading us that we’re all common property with no claim to dignity.

“How the vultures must have been salivating at the dessert—the altercation involving the estranged father at the last funeral!

“Thoughtful observers will have garnered from the drownings, yet again, the demonstrable lesson that God does not look after his own—because there is no 'God.' They will have felt some genuine empathy at any sense of betrayal the victims’ parents might have experienced, while hoping humanity as a whole will outgrow such superstitious fictions as gods in the sky, trolls under the bridge and fairies at the bottom of the garden.

“In the meantime it would be a considerable boon to civilised values—particularly the right to privacy—if New Zealanders of all faiths and of no faith vowed in advance to exercise some self-respect and declare their private grief and mourning out of bounds to media maggotry, should the issue ever arise,” Perigo concludes.


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God, Ghouls, Guttersnipes and Grief

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I've long had concerns about the media hustling people in grief, but then as a young reporter I sometimes negotiated to make the calls because I couldn't bear to hear the insensitivity of many of my colleagues. I kept information back that could cause further hurt and in some cases I lied to the chief reporter and said people weren't available. It's the pack mentality that causes reporters to write about tragedy - people can be sacked for not getting the story - the pack coupled with a horrid demand for info-tainment. In this sense I agree with you. 

But then stories tragic stories do, in my view, need to be reported - the public could I believe benefit from seeing more stories from Iraq. Yes I've known some ghouls - journalists who would step over someone who was wounded and then right a credible 'human rights' story. But some fine journalists (for example reporters sans frontiers) grieve and are traumatised by what they report, they take great risks to report in the hope of informing positive change - peace, a better system, a memory that will not be erased.


Bang on, Lindsay!

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And that lily-livered lawyer should have provided the context with a link to the whole article.

Leftie reaction

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This needed to be said

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The coverage has been sickening.

Ben, I agree with you about TV3 and I would go further to say that it has completely lost its edge.

As for TV3 & John (don't ask any questions that are not on the agreed script) Campbell, and his (low fat) (low sugar) (zero alcohol) level of reporting is appalling.


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Obviously it's very sad when an event like this or any such event when lives are taken, but I really have to agree with you there, Linz. Somehow, for instance after a murder, a local event handled locally and dealt with locally is somehow a national event.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

Well said

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Though the media at large all seemed to have been discracefull in there conduct I think 3 news was the worst of them this time around. I'll boycott them until the next time 1 news does something discracefull. On second though maybe I'll bite the bullet and get a subscription to the fox business channel since its actually worth watching.

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