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...although, maybe much of Hollywood *should* be audited, at least, so they can get the full taste of the tyrannical IRS. Maybe it would change their typically left-wing unconditional support of Nanny Statism. Maybe.

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"Prison-bound WESLEY SNIPES will spend the upcoming holidays behind bars after a judge denied his request to delay his surrender date until the New Year.

The Blade star and his lawyers have spent two years fighting his 2008 conviction, which found him guilty of failing to file returns or pay tax on earnings of £25.3 million, dating back to 1999.

He lost his appeal and his battle for a retrial and was recently ordered to turn himself in to Pennsylvania authorities by Thursday (09Dec10) to begin his three-year sentence for tax evasion.

His attorney Daniel Meachum made a last-ditch attempt to postpone the surrender date last week (ends03Dec10) by asking a federal judge in Florida to push back the start of Snipes' jail term until 6 January.

The actor cited his "four minor children" for the postponement, claiming he didn't want to leave them "in the middle of the holiday season".

But the judge rejected the motion because Snipes was handed the original punishment over two-and-a-half years ago, therefore giving him "all of that time to place his affairs in order", reports"

Snipes Must Serve Tax Evasion Jail Term

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"Actor Wesley Snipes has been ordered to start serving a three-year prison sentence for tax evasion after a judge rejected his bid for a new trial. Skip related content.

"The defendant Snipes had a fair trial... the time has come for the judgement to be enforced," US district judge Terrell Hodges said in his ruling.

He ordered the 48-year-old star of the Blade film trilogy to report to prison as directed by the US Marshal's Service or Bureau of Prisons.

But it was not immediately clear when or where Snipes would begin serving his time behind bars.

His lawyer, Daniel Meachum, was reported as saying the ruling was "just shocking", adding: "Wesley is very disappointed but staying strong and positive".

Snipes, who lives in Windermere, Florida, was found guilty in 2008 on three misdemeanour counts of willful failure to file his tax returns on an income of over $38m (£24m).

He received a three-year sentence - the maximum the actor could have received for the offences."

Yes, the U(P)S government is great at capturing...

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...high-profile celebrities who have lots of money and nowhere to run if they wish to continue their careers, but genuine monsters like Osama Bin Laden are still at large!

Looks like Mr. Snipes has already surrendered to authorities on Friday as he was asked, but was subsequently released on one MILLION dollars bail. His plea of not guilty will cause this to drag on for a bit, and while I agree Wesley was probably drawn into one of the many 'cults' of tax evaders (see Irwin Schiff, etc) who claim various illegalities of the income tax, I imagine he will build his defense around the nuttiness of the people who 'advised' him. Here's hoping his defense brings up the immorality (instead of the more ambiguous 'legality') of the income tax, at *any* income level.

I'll plug away at a press release to address the topic, nonetheless, with the idea of revisiting Mr. Snipe's case as it no doubt continues into the year.

Also ...

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... the bit about making an example of him, sending a message not to test the government.

Why is Snipes behind bars when Osama is still free... might be in order. I think it's a good question myself.

Not to mention Obama. Smiling

My one reservation...

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is that I'm not sure that Mr Snipes actually understands what he was doing.

I have a nagging feeling that he's fallen in with the Tax-evaders equivalent of the Church of Scientology...

Perhaps the press release needs to stick to pointing out that he has every right not to pay the bastards because it's his hard earned money.

A side swipe at the justice department's efficiency at picking up tax evaders compared to their inability to curb the violence that took 30 in Chicago last month might also be in order.

Maybe something like: Why is Snipes behind bars when Osama is still free... might be in order. I think it's a good question myself.

Isn't it sickeningly ironic...

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...that Mr. Snipes plays a vampire hunter in a trilogy of movies, and ends up a real-life victim of real-life bloodsuckers? How dare the 'rich and famous' try to keep their honestly acquired money say the prosecution! As if Wesley's money is less precious than the average American struggling to get by in these difficult (and largely government-and-central-banking-induced) economic times.

When you have as much wealth as Wesley Snipes I would think you avoid paying taxes not because you can't afford them, but because you oppose them philosophically. Uncle Sam nailed Willie Nelson in a similar way a few years back.

I'll cook up a press release once Mr. Snipes surrenders himself to authorities.

On the other hand, maybe Wesley is okay...

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According to Senator Harry Reid, taxes in America are voluntary:

Wesley's going down

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There's no defence from this...

... apart from the second amendment, that is.


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I just hope Snipes really does have the principled defiance claimed.

"US attorney Robert O'Neill, however, told the judge that Snipes was a "notorious" tax protestor who deliberately used bogus and discredited arguments to avoid paying.

In a lengthy memo to the court calling for the maximum 36-month sentence, prosecutors said Snipes engaged in a decade-long "campaign of criminal tax conduct combining brazen defiance with insidious concealment" that amounted to a $15 million evasion and $41 million in "intended harm" to the US Treasury.

The memo continued: "In the defendant Wesley Snipes, the court is presented with a wealthy, famous and inveterate tax scofflaw.

"If ever a tax offender was deserving of being held accountable to the maximum extent for his criminal wrongdoing, Snipes is that defendant."

Mr O'Neill said: "Snipes and his ilk nominally deny that any law makes them liable for tax, citing absurd pseudo-legal theories that self-servingly coincide with their own economic interests," he said.

Carmen Hernandez, Snipes' co-counsel, told Judge Hodges that her client would reimburse the government with interest and penalties. "He will be paying a lot more than if he had paid his taxes on time," she said.

Dreadful. I watched the

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I watched the NZ TV1 news of the ANZAC coverage (saccharine and bungled as usual), then they covered this, then I read this link. A juxtaposition that would make you want to vomit.

Parasitical bloody governments.

Reckon I'm going to have to find another occupation soon: I've had a gutful.

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