Yahoo implicated in the arrest of two Chinese dissidents

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Submitted by James Heaps-Nelson on Thu, 2006-02-09 15:23

Yahoo has now been implicated in the arrest of two Chinese dissidents. The craven nature of this collaboration is appalling. One wonders if Yahoo founder Jerry Yang wouldn't have rather lived under Mao than here in America. The hypocrisy is utterly breathtaking.

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It really is shocking...and disappointing. I agree - they're cowards, and completely complicit.


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Yahoo exec: "The choice is not whether to comply with law enforcement demands for information. The choice is whether to remain in the country. We believe that the Internet is a positive force in China."

So who cares if we throw a few guys in jail for 10 years as long as people get to keep their internet service eh? Scummy pragmatist bastards.

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