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Attention all Capitalists, Fighters for the Free Market, and Defenders of Liberty!

CapitalismGear ( is now online! Place an order to help Capitalism spread!


As a new company on the apparel scene, our collection of business and casual apparel is designed to bring freedom and fashion together! With new apparel being designed daily, our focus is on giving you, today’s capitalist, a clothing company built exclusively for you!

Be sure to check out our apparel collections for men and women:

· The US Collection—An elegant collection of business shirts for men and women with the US logo tastefully embroidered on the chest.

· The Back in the Black Collection—For those capitalists who enjoy wearing black, the Back in the Black Collection is perfect for casual business or leisure.

· The Casual Capitalist Collection—A collection of long and short-sleeve t-shirts designed for imparting a capitalist message.

Coming soon! Capitalist Coffee!!!

· Billionaire’s Blend—A bold and rich flavored coffee blend using six different beans boldly roasted for capitalists who like their coffee strong.

· Millionaire’s Blend—A milder, yet richly roasted brew for capitalists who enjoy a finer taste of coffee.

ARE YOU A PRIME MOVER? If so, purchase a piece of CapitalismGear apparel, have a picture taken of yourself in the apparel and e-mail us the picture, along with a brief description of yourself and your profession. If we post it, you will receive 10% off your next order. Visit the CAPITALISTS WANTED POSTER for more information.

Visit us often, as we’ll be frequently adding to our line of apparel and other capitalist-related gear

ARI Affiliate?

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Is it, I wonder? Peikoff won't like you using AR's name if you're not...just a warning (from personal experience, ugh)!

Great site! Nice ideas.

Warning! Shameless plug, not to be confused with spam!

Let me know if you need a faster printer...3-4 week delivery is pretty slow. We have a 1 week turn around (or less), can ship for you as well, using your lables or ours. Access to all of your suppliers isn't a problem, no need to ship material to us. Up to 6 color ink processing. Sublimation photo heat process as well. Reasonable fees, lots of room for mark-up. Quality work. Everything is "in house" including embroidery programming (by me:) from your artwork or ours. Twenty years experience in the print/decoration field.

Email inquiries to me:


Good luck!



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Good luck fellas!

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I'll go shop there soon!


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