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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sat, 2008-05-17 00:05

Yes, it is true...the 'Whig Aristocracy' has returned Eye...

I want to thank Glenn, Greg, Sandi, Olivia and Maria for a splendid evening last night of wine, intelligent conversation and libertarianism. Such a bore than Lindsay could not make it due to the fog, gosh, the jolly weather, but we made up for it with a couple of hilarious telephone conversations. 

It should be interesting being back on, seeing some familiar chaps and taking part in discussions.

Hope all of you are well.

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It was a late one

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I missed half the next day. Glad I didn't have as much as Glenn. Smiling

Thanks, Sandi

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... and I'll say as much about your own delightful company. Smiling

thanks Sandi

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I love that you're so passionate, articulate and thinking, not to mention tough in that soldierly way. There aren't many girls out there like you. Smiling

An absolute delight to be party to such terrific company

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You are a fabulous host Jameson and I always relish your conversation, as I do with Olivia, Elijah and the Gregster.
Maria you are the ideal guest, there was never a shortage of chairs.

I do look forward to another encounter, next time my house over dinner.

Hi Elijah, You mentioned a

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Hi Elijah,

You mentioned a capitalism website before your banishment. How is it progressing?



Never Drink and Dial

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When is the bloody ministry gonna make a TV ad to help me stop myself.

Welcome back, Elijah Smiley-Face III. Smiling Sad Laughing out loud Sticking out tongue Shocked Cool Evil

Yes, gosh, I must confess to

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Yes, gosh, I must confess to having a glass of wine too many by the time we spoke...ha ha...(I blame Olivia!)..although I did think it hilarious you let the cat out of the bag to Glenn about the Rugby score! Sticking out tongue


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I should have had you all arrested for being drunk in charge of a speaker phone.

And interrupting my Sibelius (don't tell Cathcart).

Welcome back. Please don't make me regret it. Eye

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