Turning The Enemy's Black Flag White

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Submitted by Bosch Fawstin on Tue, 2008-05-20 02:28

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Sandi, with the simplest,

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Sandi, with the simplest, iconic images, there are always things that people see that I don't intend, which is fine and interesting. It's basically Pigman who's making the Black Flag of Islam go white, the Black Flag actually being a historical military flag also called the Black Flag of Jihad, and has existed since Mohammed began this nightmare.


Black and white - completely

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Black and white - completely opposite, in-compatible, ambiguous even.

Good (white) versus evil (black)
The black and white immediately brings to mind a chessboard. Strong solid and bold - the white is dominant and completely eradicates the black. On a chessboard the "white" out ranks the black.

A delicate off-the-shoulder cut to the tee-shirt and the billowy sleeves denote femininity. It is also chants to me "burqa free"

The most powerful and indeed the most desirable piece on the chessboard is the Queen.

White represents virtue in femininity and virtue in heraldry.

The exposed neckline is the major gist of the drawing (methinks). The curvature of the flag and the neckline superbly represents the shape of a horizontal sabre. The neck is black and the head is missing. The sword of Islam has scored an own-goal.

Have I missed anything - cos I have this feeling that there is something else staring me in the face.

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