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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-02-13 07:56

It's that time again when FreeRad is being readied for the printer, so no Daily Linz in the interim. When it resumes it'll include Fundamental Stuff again. (I know you're all hanging out for that. Smiling)

I'm disestablishing the position of editor because to all intents & purposes there's no longer anything to edit. With the instant access folk have to the front page with their personal SOLO blogs etc. no one seems to want to write articles as such. So I'm going with the flow on this one. But I'm not disestablishing Mr Bissell. He becomes Deputy-Principal, someone for me to chew the fat with, help me set goals, etc. In this new posiition he'll be more visible than he was as editor. I'd say nice things about him, but precedent suggests that would lead to a coup. Smiling

Dear Confused-of-Auckland

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Stick 'em on your personal blog. Smiling If I like them—and I know I will—I'll sticky them! Smiling


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Um, so what happens to all those articles in the queue then? And does this mean there's no point in writing future articles?

Signed, Confused of Auckland


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Hah! You think your silence can prevent my inevitable triumph? The wheels are already in motion -- the toppling of the Linz regime is only a matter of time.

My thanks for the new position, it's great to see SOLOists stepping up and I'm looking forward to moving back into the limelight a bit myself.

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