Rand and "Black Hate Radio"

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Philadelphia City Paper recently ran an article called "Black Hate Radio", about a radio show "Star and Buc Wild". The show airs weekday mornings on urban station Power 99 FM. The show's star, Troi Torain, according to the City Paper, "spits epithets at everyone: "'spics,' 'asslickers' (homosexuals), 'hoes' and 'bitches.' Kanye West is a 'nigger.' Whites are especially despised: 'whitey' was recently blamed collectively for choosing February as Black History Month, it being the shortest."

Now for the punchline: "Torain hates everyone, though not equally. A disciple of Ayn Rand, the formerrecord company exec spouts a creed of self-interest he calls "Objective Hate." By attacking all the 'losers' around you, says Torain, one can find personal fulfillment, and much wealth. Among Torain's biggest losers are black people, especially black women. Torain, who disavows his own African-American heritage, dismisses black identity as 'modern day tribalism.'"

Maybe we should send Barbara Branden as an ambassador to stop the violence? Eye

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Star impressed me in his posts on the other website. He took the time to answer everyone's questions and his motive was to make it clear that he didn't want anyone to get any wrong ideas about Ayn Rand or Objectivism because of the outragous stuff that takes place on his show.
I'm not sure about his "Objective Hate" philosophy but I suppose I should suspend judgement about that until his book comes out. A book that is sure to be entertaining.

- Jason


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I like this guy. Check him out. The interviewer smeared him. Surprise, surprise.

Oh Henry

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Oh Henry, don't go the way of the stars. Don't acknowledge that your ancestors are aliens (at least not without evidence!).


You're a great guy (from what I remember on SOLOHQ). And I hate it when great guys go "Dianetics" on us. Besides you have to pay to join, and then there's that mandatory "audit" by that superior "Dianetic" -- all the guilt, all the shame, all the alien worship. It just doesn't sound like it's sound. Know what I mean?


THIS guy

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Seems to be ok.


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Just when I thought the Objectivist "movement" couldn't get any more pathetic. Hmm:

Peikoff: Rand's "legal and intellectual Heir-head".
Kelley: "Gee, uh, we're gonna publish "logical structure of Objectivism" SOMEDAY REALLY SOON, maybe...."
N.B./B.B.: "We can really help spread the philosophy of rational self-interest by writing juicy tell-all books about it's founder!"
Firehammer: "wow, Objectivism gives me that thin veneer of credibility that my Fred Phelps-like homophobia needs!"

And now THIS guy? Yaaaaaagh. That's it -- I'm out. It's Scientology-time! Sad

The Rager

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It's the "evils" of rage, Andrew, not merely the "perils." Anyone exhibiting rage is evil, alcoholic and uncouth. Remember that!


(Just looking out for your soul)

Clearly this man is in need

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Clearly this man is in need of a lengthy philosophical disquisition on the perils of rage.

Such a shame

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Hundreds of thousands of people are being introduced to Ayn Rand through this guy...yikes!

That said, I would like to tune into his show to hear what he says. I'm curious to see if he even pretends to have a grasp of the philosophy.

That is so dumb it's funny

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What an asshole Smiling

- Jason

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