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Submitted by Michael Stuart Kelly on Fri, 2005-12-02 17:23

Welcome everybody to Solo Psychology.

I had started a great deal of research into psychology on SoloHQ and I am glad that my investment in several new books will still have a practical use other than my own enlightenment.

I have a few ideas bubbling and I should put some of them in practice over the next few days.

At this point, if you have any ideas or suggestions or simply want to discuss some aspect of psychology, then please, let's get to it.


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2 Hands - what gloves should I wear?

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I think that this is an issue of parenting primarily. As a child, I was taught that I ought to obey my elders, not because they had the wisdom of experience, but because they would think poorly of me elsewise. Also, in my adolesence, I was often chided for spending far too much time indoors reading. Then the ultra-focused conglomeration of such learned behaviors in combination with teenage hormonal imbalances (read high school) amplifies said behaviors. This can of course have dramatically different results, but I would guess mostly to the production of second-handers. I have noticed that the more educated you are, the less this tendency seems to prevail and vice versa.

Was that a good start? Smiling


Michael, I think is

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Michael, I think is important to say something on how people
automitize their way of thinking.
Like, why a second hander thinks that is important what other think
and not what he thinks etc... that would be a very interesting subject to talk,no?

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