A Valentine's Day poem

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Submitted by Casey on Tue, 2006-02-14 09:24

For guys for their gals today, and for all you gals reading this...


If gathering all Desire’s flowers,
And blending them all with mystical powers
And honey and ivory and rubies and milk
And gold and berries and music and silk
And the airy sigh of the waterfall
And the liquid shimmer of nightfall
And the birdsong in spring forests
And the phosphor of phosphorous
And with extra angels leavened
The potent tears of storming heavens
And diamonds, pearls, perhaps a mink fur
Could make one replica of her —
What a shy price would be squandered
For the prize Pygmalion pondered.

Yet if it were that just collecting
All the parts found while inspecting
Could sum her greater whole
(And ignite her body’s soul!)
There would be no need to sing!
Or write foolish poems wandering
For this one and unrepeatable
Luck of fortune’s dice uncheatable,
This woman who inspires fires
And joyous choirs of desires
In this mere man’s silent quill!
For she was made in this Creation
Without a chance of duplication
By any skill or will.

And being so lovely
She shows how very
Much such love is necessary
Upon the earth
And under the sun,
Where God, of her,
Made only one.

— CF

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That's the reason I posted the poem, so that's very gratifying.


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My femininity feels very encouraged by knowing that.

Claudia, the answer is a

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Claudia, the answer is a resounding YES.

Casey, beautifuly written.


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Thanks. No matter how bad it got (8 years alone) it all went away when I found her.



I think this is what every

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I think this is what every good man wishes to see of the woman in his life. I'm still looking for her.


Core of the pang

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Do you men truly see us in this way? As so rare and valuable?

Bravo to you...

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...firstly, for writing this. The passion and emotion behind your words are poignantly conveyed.

Secondly, for finding her. What joy that must have been -- and must be. Well done, sir. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Thank you!

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I wrote it while quite alone and hoping for "her" to come along, a lament on how art, or even a poem, is no substitute and can not conjure the real thing.

I posted it as a Valentine for the women of this forum, so they could have a glimpse of how we see them. So don't be jealous. (That's my girlfriend's job now, and she's refreshingly bad at it!)

belated comment

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Casey, I think this poem is very beautiful and wonderfully romantic. It actually made me a little jealous - I want someone to write these things about me!

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