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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Thu, 2008-06-12 06:30

At the risk of taking my natural 'contrarianism' to an extreme....

I have just been watching the news on television about this Mr Singh chap who was brutally murdered on Saturday night.

His funeral seemed heartbreaking and my sympathies are with the widow and children.

I am, however, astounded, shocked, gobsmacked and ummmm...speechless at the treatment of a chap called 'Anitelea Chan Kee', who was arrested, along with 2 others (and the Constabulary are still seeking two other chaps), in connection with this brutal murder.

According to One News and various news websites, and I quote from the site...Mr Chan Kee admitted he was the shooter...."During their appearance today crown prosecutor Richard Marchant said Anitelea Chan Kee had told police he shot Mr Singh.."

I am shocked and appalled a Judge allowed that information to be made public! Shocked

Mr Chan Kee has not pleaded as yet; Mr Chan Kee (whatever he may or may not have done) is entitled to the same rights as everyone else in New Zealand; Mr Chan Kee is entitled not to have every potential Juror hearing a confession on television prior to a future trial!

The Judge should be ashamed of himself...that a Crown Prosecutor would raise this point in a Court hearing is fair enough, but to not surpress a confession for the media and public is a disgrace, especially at this early stage of the game.

Before we start storming Mt Eden Gaol and lynching people we may like to calm down a bit, realise that 'due process' applies to everyone, and leave decisions regarding guilt or innocence up to the Jury....(call me old fashioned if you like, possums)

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According to tv one

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Mr Singh's death was the result of there being to many liquor licence holders in the area. :O


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