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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Fri, 2008-06-13 12:00

I have spent a long and exhausting day at the Mystery Creek fielday (yes, I know having only one 'D' is wrong, but evidently this spelling was created by some illiterate rustic about 40 years ago) assisting on the Libertarianz stall.

Gosh, what a fun day!

This marks the effective lauch of our election campaign...(in terms of actually meeting some voters)...and has gone splendidly, so much so I am even more convinced than ever we are well on the way to victory.

Our stall has the amusing coincidence of being right next to the National Party stall which has enabled us to get stuck into the Tories.

After arriving this morning and spending around 15 minutes standing around waiting for people to come to our stall and seek us out as Ken and Shirley suggested, my years spent 'hustling' for business customers a decade or so back, and calling on the excellent skills so acquired, I thought "***k this" grabbed a pile of leaflets and started standing in front of our stall handing them out to passersby...("proactive" rather than "reactive" being part of my control freakery nature)

The response was AMAZING as literally hundreds of people took leaflets from me, said they agreed entirely with the issues and policies we are highlighting, and feel we have positively connected with a substantial number of voters.

The Tory stall next to ours was also an opportunity to have some fun, to the extent that I came (astonishingly) close to signing up Paul Hutchinson and Maurice Williamson as Libz members and candidates! Sticking out tongue ...not to mention Labour MP Chaudrey who stopped by for a chat (where I promised him a substantially higher placing on the Libz party list than he will get from Labour) Sticking out tongue

All in all a very successful day, all the issues we highlight 'connect' with people and I only had three people the entire day handing back leaflets and expressing negative sentiment out of several thousand who passed our stall.

The reason for this is simple......we are speaking their language.

We are saying out loud what everyone else is thinking, and a substantial number of National party supporters in particular mentioned their total agreement with us and disgust at the sell out/s of their own party....(and took up my suggestion to pop next door to the Tory stall and bluntly tell the various MPs of their disgust).

The future is certainly looking bright for the Libertarianz and all those doubters, doomsdayers, cynics and those possessing little backbone should have seen the reaction today to our message, our policies, our principles.

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Very good

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But the full picture clearly shows them. Nice and shiny!

Peter Cresswell has put

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Peter Cresswell has put some of the photographs on his weblog, including the 'good sport' from Rotorua.

This should give some of you chaps a better indication of how it all went...such a splendid day!

Elitism, forever!

gumboots?!?! ...ummmm..ha

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gumboots?!?! Shocked ...ummmm..ha ha....I think not.

I was wearing my suit and looking most dapper, although my shoes got covered in dust, alas.

This had some excellent benefits as it meant several "Landowners" sought to chat with me, Eye whereas the 'farmers' chatted with Elah, Shirley and Ken...(I will not be surprised if no one quite understands the difference) 

But, yes...dressing casually in stovepipe jeans, a checked shirt and going through some rustic "we are all blokes together, mate" routine is not quite my cup of tea..


Elitism, forever!

You and PC, good man.

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Golly, I'm impressed Eli. Gumboots wouldn't quite set off the look though?

"... and anyone who can eject that ghastly Chadwick female..."

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His name is Steve Chadwick...

... and he can't sing to save his life! Smiling

Despite my visceral

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Despite my visceral contempt for Tories, I must admit on the "Good Sport" front there is an exception...

The National party people slung their hooks about 4pm...(being taxpayer funded and due to the embarrassment of being Tories they decided to give up)...and shortly afterwards the National candidate for Rotorua turned up, a nice enough chap called Mclay.

Needless to say he found an empty stand and after seeing him standing around for a couple of minutes scratching his head wondering what to do next, we invited him over for a chat.

He expressed a private sympathy with most of the principles (although not necessarily 'policies') we were highlighting, especially the contents of the 'Nanny State' poster.

After some lighthearted arm twisting he agreed to pose for a photograph in front of our stand Sticking out tongue and said he did not mind if Shirley used the photo with an amusing yes, well done Mr Mclay - a good sport ...and anyone who can eject that ghastly Chadwick female (or more importantly her even more ghastly working class accent) from Parliament should be encouraged!

Elitism, forever!

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