SOLO-NZ Press Release: Wowser PM Blames Murder Victims for Crimes Committed by Labour Supporters

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2008-06-16 21:31

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Wowser PM Blames Murder Victims for Crimes Committed by Labour Supporters

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Prime Minister’s answer to murders committed by Labour-supporting scum would appear to be to blame the scum’s victims, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

Perigo is responding to the Prime Minister’s threat to tighten liquor laws and reduce the number of outlets following the fatal shooting of Navtej Singh by Labour supporters during a robbery at his Manurewa liquor store on June 7.

“Let’s be clear what this amounts to. The Prime Minister’s policies bribe scum to breed at taxpayer expense. The deal is that the scum, present and future, votes Labour. Between elections, the scum goes out, gets drunk on taxpayer funds ... and kills decent people, including liquor store owners. Comrade Clark’s answer: refer disparagingly to liquor outlets as ‘grog shops’ and threaten to close some down (bestowing protected status on those allowed to remain open). Mr. Singh’s death is not the fault of the drunken scum who shot him; it’s Mr. Singh’s fault for owning a ‘grog shop.’

“This despicable moral inversion is one more reason to ensure her contemptible travesty of a government is taken out as soon as possible.

“It’s well known that the Prime Minister has a drinking problem. Unlike her followers, who drink far too much, she drinks far too little. Killjoy Clark should settle down, sup on a Shiraz, drag on a fag and contemplate the likelihood that if her government ceased its own rampant looting and abstained from subsidising killers with the proceeds, it might provide a more edifying example for its followers to emulate,” Perigo concludes.

Lindsay Perigo 021 255 8715


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My Aunt flew up from Wanaka

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My Aunt flew up from Wanaka on Sunday in order to depart on a foreign holiday and she picked up a copy at the airport in Christchurch en route.

I must admit, there was quite a lot of content which did not appear in the copies available in Auckland...gosh...silly Fairfax Media Sticking out tongue wonder their share price has gone tits up in recent weeks! ha ha!


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Too many big words for Aucklanders, I expect. Eye

Wait on. How did Eli get a copy?


gregster's picture

got to the bottom of it.

My copy was an edition that did not feature the interview at all. Censored for Auckland!?

Page A4 is full of other stuff.

Ha ha, Lance, you beat me

Elijah's picture

Ha ha, Lance, you beat me to it! ...yes...splendid article and nice photograph Smiling

I'm in a bit of a rush,

Lance's picture

I'm in a bit of a rush, I'll see about posting a clearer one soon...

Dizzy Me

Jameson's picture

I also missed it. Any chance of scanning the article and posting it? Smiling


gregster's picture

Gee, must have missed it twice

Talk about ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... dizzy bitches! Eye Page A 4, big bold headline, photo, unmissable. Not online, as already explained.

I looked

gregster's picture

and couldn't find it in the sections I had, maybe it was shoplifted?

Can't find it online! What a

Kasper's picture

Can't find it online! What a blasting neusence.
Was it there and was it good?

Oh good

gregster's picture

I'll check my copy again, I missed it on first read, flatmate assures me it hasn't reached the fireplace yet.

Can't complain ...

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.... about the story resulting from the interview. Prominent, with photo, and accurate—most of the article quotes me directly. Big headline: Fuming Perigo Calls PM Wowser. Good plug for SOLO and Libz. Doesn't seem to be online unfortunately.

As I said in the previous video...

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This is all a byproduct of the of the consequence free environment which the welfare state creates - as I mentioned in a previous video regarding healthcare and freedom. We right now are reaping the harvest we soed years ago. We as a society only have ourselves to blame when we as a society have allowed it to get to this point.

Its too bad, things aren't going to change anytime soon. Too many people have a vested interest in the status-quo, and the vast majority of people have been pussy whipped into believing that if you don't believe in the 'welfare state', you're a heartless bastard who likes to kill little puppies.


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I'll wait to see how that turns out.

The Sunday Star Times editorials have been regularly despicable.

Sunday Star-Times ...

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... just interviewed me about this press release for this weekend's edition.


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Right on, Linz!

The other bizarre thing

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The other bizarre thing about this, as I mentioned on my weblog, is it appears as if the Prime Minister only discovered poor people drink alcohol - yesterday!

If the Prime Minister bothered to visit her electorate more than twice per year Sticking out tongue ..she would know that within a stone's throw  of her electorate office on Sandringham Rd there are SEVEN bottle stores...(assuming Helen Clark realises she has an electorate office, let alone its address, let alone having ever been there)...and the vast majority of customers travel from licensing trust controlled areas out West! ..(as a portent of what will happen if you start instituting controls on the supply of alcohol in South Auckland)

In addition to that, were she to ever bother visiting her electorate she would also know that working class people drink large amounts of alcohol and there is nothing new in this, let alone it being much of a problem. 

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