2012: Give Us Liberty, Give Them Death

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Submitted by Bosch Fawstin on Thu, 2008-06-19 01:16

My mind's already thinking 2012 when Americans will be good and ready to vote for someone like Giuliani with a John Bolton as his back up. Hope it's them, but it will have to be someone like them; tough, principled men who understand it's a dangerous world and are willing to say and do the difficult things, and who don't give a damn about being disliked by despicable people. In four years, things will get worse and more of us will be sicker of the status quo that the candidates that will be taken seriously will be the kind of men who get things done and who fully defend our lives with the enemy's deaths.

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Thanks, and great take

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Thanks, and great take yourself, Kyrel. How far we've fallen from those American Revolutionaries. Can you imagine any Western leader uttering such an impassioned declaration today? Can you recall any modern leader saying anything memorable, at all?
Geert Wilders is the only one who comes even close to what I have in mind.


Terrific Motto!

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Bosch: Great minds think alike! Smiling I came up with something close to this expression many years ago. Patrick Henry, and all subsequent freedom-fighters, should have said: "Give me liberty, or I'll give you death!"

Nice, Jmaurone, gotta say I

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Nice, Jmaurone, gotta say I missed it.


It really does pack it into

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It really does pack it into as direct a slogan/image as I can, thanks Sandi.


Thats the one Bosch!!

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I absolutely LOVE IT !!


It'll be the 10th

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It'll be the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in three years, it's really unbelievable.


Better 2012 than 2112...

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Better 2012 than 2112*...



(*2112 being the equivalent of ANTHEM, for the unititiated...) 

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