Well done Helen, it has finally worked...

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sat, 2008-06-21 22:00

The socialist blueprint for the 21st century - to turn everyone into a moron, seems to have worked splendidly.

The Sunday Star Times has an article today at how people under 35 are entirely disengaged from politics and current events and have more or less become the walking braindead.

This must be excellent news for the left as it is what they have spent the last couple of decades trying to achieve by dropping all standards in education, the workplace, politically incorrect mantra and so many other policies to destroy opposition.

The specific mantra of "I cannot make any difference so why bother?" has been a particular success because it means a groundswell to vote out the Labour government is less likely when you have a demographic of idiots.

This sort of backs up what I have been thinking and saying for a while that recent opinion polls are inaccurate in New Zealand with many people telling pollsters they will support National when they actually have no intention of doing so, a kind of mental haze with a "oh, ummmm...yeah, ahhh oh National"...(in contrast to, say, an Obama supporter in America who, almost by definition, would need to be an energized 'true believer')

Tony Blair in Britain started this sort of thing over a decade ago....turn everyone off by turning their brains off and you can get away with everything; and it has been successfully followed by Mrs Davis.

How sad that so many care about so little. How sad that so many have so little purpose that a mass suicide would go unnoticed. How sad that so few people feel any need to read a book, express an opinion, take a stand, get angry, believe in anything beyond the superficial, appreciate the great works of the past.

What a sad state of affairs the left have taken us to, and I hope everyone can see why I advocate an 'elite' because you are wasting your times with the 'masses'.

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End result of the leftie

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End result of the leftie indoctrination of government controlled schools.

"Who is John Galt?"

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