Lasagna Recipe

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Submitted by Summer Serravillo on Fri, 2005-12-02 18:41

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Ciro D'Agostino

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Ciro D'Agostino

Maronna mia!

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Ciro, that is one of the most decadent lasagnas I've ever seen. Bechamel?? You Napolitani... Eye The flavor profile of this is very decadent -- I'm assuming you serve this as main course? (If not, my belt is straining just thinking about following this with a meat course.)

I'm creating a raviolo for next week, so I may steal some of these ingredient ideas. This will balance out the stolen tiramisu. Ha! Smiling

I am sorry Ross, I ment to

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I am sorry Ross, I meant to write broilable eggs. Smiling)

Ciro, is that "broiled eggs"

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Ciro, is that "broiled eggs" or "boiled eggs"?

My favourite Lasagna

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Summer, this is how I make my lasagna. I use, ether fresh pasta, or precooked barilla.

I cover each layer with broiled eggs, cut in pieces, fresh prosciutto, Bolognese sauce, little béchamel sauce, small meat balls, fresh mozzarella, some chopped basil, and parmigiano.

Try it!

It still tastes good

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It still tastes good Summer.
Nice see you! you look good.

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