Wait, You Want To Make Racial Discrimination Legal Now?

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Submitted by Lance on Thu, 2008-06-26 09:52

Under plans to make workplaces more diverse, Ms Harman wants to allow employers to appoint people specifically because of their race or gender. The proposals would only apply when choosing between candidates equally qualified for the job. But it means, for example, women or people from minorities could be hired ahead of others in order to create a more balanced workforce. Some employers argue they already do this, while others may say these policies will need careful handling to reduce the risk of causing resentment amongst existing staff.

Right, so you can't discriminate based on race or gender, they already made that against the law. Although admittedly "positive" discrimination based on race or gender is sorta considered OK, but now they want to make "positive" discrimination actually, legally OK. But what constitutes positive discrimination? What if the choice is between a deaf Somalian midget and a 6 fingered Polish transvestite. What if the employer has say a six fingered Somalian transvestite and a deaf Polish midget working for him? How is he going to "balance" his work force? Ah but that's okay because they are going to allow employers to make that discrimination, so they can "balance" their work force and allow it to "reflect" the "diversity" in the "community" and blah blah blah - so whatever the employer decides is going to be okay right? But what happens if he hires the deaf Somalian midget and the 6 fingered Polish transvestite decides he has been unfairly discriminated against based on race and/or gender. Well our hexadigital cross-dressing Pole friend has a case, because as we all know, discrimination based on race and/or gender is against the law...

Several phrases spring to mind:
"You dumb bastards"
"Biting you in the ass"
and oh yes "Freedom of Association"

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