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Submitted by Peter Cresswell on Thu, 2008-07-03 02:44

The limits to government action are generally measured by the apathy
of the populace.  For too long, New Zealanders have been pushed around
and trodden up on by scum, with the only response to the bullying being
some quiet moaning over the dinner table.  But New Zealanders' apathy
has made the scum more  grasping, not less.

For once, tomorrow,
the apathy is over.  The anger of New Zealanders at all the thieving
and the nannying and all the venal power lust will be directed at
government through thousands of truckies in cities across the country
protesting the overnight raid on their wallets by Annette King --
protesting against a government, and a minister, who has proved better
at doing us over than it has at protecting us, and has now taken the
opportunity to prove that by putting the boot into an industry which is
already on the canvas from rising fuel prices.

The chaos caused
by truckers tomorrow morning is a barb directed at big government on
behalf of all of us.  Let's get in behind them.

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Haha. I have just watched

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Haha. I have just watched the parliamentary debate on this up coming Transport bill. Act viciously opposed the bill and Rodney gave a wonderful capatilistic speech. Remnants that I hope to post tomorrow when I get it emailed.

I hope those truckies clot up the bloodlines of every access point tomorrow and that the message is dug in deep. Back the fuck off!

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