Farc rebels denounce 'betrayal'

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Colombian rebel group denounces 'betrayal'

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia[FARC] says "the escape of the 15 prisoners of war" on July 2 "was a direct consequence of the despicable conduct of Cesar and Enrique, who betrayed their revolutionary commitment."

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For them as missed it - earlier this month the Colombian army disguised a military helicopter to appear the same as the ones "allegedly" donated to FARC by Hugo Chavez. They then disguised themselves as FARC members and flew that helicopter into the compound where the hostages were being held and told the guards that they were there for a prisoner transfer. All hostages were safely rescued, not a single shot was fired and the two FARC members (Cesar and Enrique) who were taken in the helicopter will be extradited to the United States.

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