Quotation of the Day: Francisco d'Anconia

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Wed, 2008-07-16 06:32

"...only the man who does not need it is fit to inherit wealth - the man who would make his own furtune no matter where he started.."

Ha ha...very true in my case Eye ...made my original money in 1997 - 99... on my own, using my brain, rat cunning and natural brilliance...(so have had no qualms about trousering various inheritances in the years since, and blowing all the inherited money on paintings, tarts, books, parties, more tarts, holidays, tailors, more tarts, nights on the town, restaurants, servant's salaries and theatre tickets in the shortest possible time with little to show for it ..*sigh*.... and rightly so)

ahhhh...the joys of rich, elderly parents and family

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