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My lifelong aversion to pop music is well known....however, I have decided to make an exception for a band called Elemnop, who are a group of New Zealand musicians who are reasonably talented, and I must confess to having some songs which (however much I try to deny it) I cannot help "foot tapping" to.

The singer of Elemnop, a chap called David (something-or-other), is incapable of finishing a sentence without the term "ya know" in it, and one makes allowances as that sort of moronry is widespread in New Zealand, alas...and the drummer is kinda cute (despite being really fat) ..I mean..if you are into that sort of thing *shrugs*

Anyway, it seems these chaps used a bit of initiative!

Instead of seeking handouts from the biggest rort in town..."New Zealand On Air" ...these Elemnop fellows simply got on a plane, flew to America and spent months travelling throughout that country in a campervan performing to American chaps.

Well done! I am impressed!

I must admit...*blushes*...the Telecom advertising message which uses their song..ha ha...I was fooled ...I thought it was a 'real' firm of Accountants (or whatever) and was astonished at my gullibility when it was revealed everyone is an actor! Shocked

(On the subject of the Telecom advert....the cute chap...the one in the white shirt and tie who dances...if anyone has his name or telephone number Sticking out tongue ..do not hesitate to pass it on to me..yum yum! Sticking out tongue ha ha) Eye

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