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Submitted by William E. Perry on Fri, 2008-07-18 01:34

Someone has called my attention to some old materials on The Atlas Society website. There is a page in the FAQ section about TAS and the Ayn Rand Institute.


This section cites a "recent example" of problems between the two organizations that occurred six years ago. In fact nothing is any newer than that entry.

There is also an excerpt from David Kelley's book _The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand_ formerly known as _Truth and Toleration_.


This involves even more ancient disagreements in the Objectivist movement. The information in both articles is dated at the very best.

I shudder to think what a new reader of Ayn Rand would think upon reading these portions of the TAS website. That is especially true if they've just read the novels and have little knowledge of the philosophy. Many will be turned off and choose not to seek information from any organization. This reminds me of negative campaigning in politics. However, the purpose of negative campaigning is not to get votes for your candidate. The purpose is to suppress voter turnout.

ARI has long had a successful strategy of just ignoring TAS. If TAS chooses not to adopt this strategy, wouldn't it be better just to present its positions in a positive way? TAS is apparently adopting a new strategy of focusing on their website, rather than on their magazine. The magazine hasn't published anything negative about ARI in many years. TAS should do the same thing on their website.

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