SOLO-NZ Press Release: The Soul of a Socialist

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2008-07-21 07:36

SOLO-NZ Press Release: The Soul of a Socialist

July 21, 2008

Corpulent communist Chris Trotter usually manages to disguise his hatred of achievers and cloak his Bolshevik bromides with an ostensible concern for the disadvantaged. In his most recent Sunday Star-Times column, however, the fat fascist seems to have thrown discretion to the wind, observes SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

“In his panicky diatribe against those thinking of voting National, Comrade Trottersky has bared his fangs at those who create the wealth that enables him to be such a gluttonous glob (‘glob’: rounded mass of thick fluid). It’s not a pretty spectacle.

“If you vote National, bloviates the Bolshevik, then you’ll be supporting ... gasp ... farmers! Farmers he describes as:

‘Backbone of the nation; earners of our overseas funds; selfish; insular; and possessed of an indefatigable sense of moral superiority over everyone whose front door looks out upon a street instead of a paddock. These are the people who, heedless of the enormous biosecurity implications, illegally released the rabbit-killing calicivirus into New Zealand - and then laughed at the efforts of the authorities to hunt down the perpetrators.’

“The comrade forgets that his fellow-bunnies were destroying the farms, and thus the livelihoods, of those who create the fat of the land of which he partakes so abundantly; that half-wit bureaucrats were refusing to do anything about it; that ‘biosecurity’ was not compromised; that in any event, National was in power at the time and, disgracefully, backed the efforts of authorities to hunt down the perpetrators.

“The comrade goes on to excoriate the cockies for their success in blocking the ludicrous ‘Fart Tax,’ then further indicts them as:

‘The people who have aggressively resisted every government effort to secure legally protected rights of way across the countryside, so that all New Zealanders might enjoy the beauty of our wild open spaces, and who, once again, have got away with it.’

“By which he means that farmers have upheld the sanctity of private property and not yielded the principle or their land to communists like him.

“But wait! It gets worse! According to Trotter, if you support the Nats you’ll also be supporting:

‘The Rich. Creators of wealth; makers of jobs; robbers of rights; bastardisers of culture; selfish; arrogant; and possessed of an indefatigable sense of moral superiority over everyone whose income is less than $100,000 per annum.’

“And there you have it, really. Creators of wealth, makers of jobs — scum of the earth. That’s the way vermin like Trotter (and, as it happens, many in the National Party) think.

“Communism may have been thoroughly shamed, but it persists in the rotten souls of unreconstructed reactionaries like Trotter. Beats me why he doesn’t shift his overfed carcass to one of this odious doctrine’s last remnants, Zimbabwe,” Perigo concludes. “The dietary regime may be as efficacious for him as communist regimes are poisonous for the rest of humanity.”

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Trottsky scum

gregster's picture

This is why Trottsky is a dangerous loon, other commies like Matt McCarten can hardly string a sentence together. I agree, he's rushed down one-too-many up at Galbraiths and full of puffery, home to his deadline.

What exactly would a vote for his Labour/Green looters achieve if it helped form another monstrous coalition? What do the haters-of-the-good wish to achieve? Besides a further full kick-in-the-teeth to the economy, bloated bureaucracy, lower productivity, millions on imagined-malign emissions, massaged unemployment figures, incentives to emigrate, crime stats suited to savages.

All they seem to wish for is punishment of the productive.

Imagine empowering Trottsky for a decade or two towards his envisaged society. We'd find him busy stuffing himself whilst loudly denouncing the tribe with the bigger mudhuts. The original bile.

Good stuff

Luke H's picture

"In his panicky diatribe ..."

 It starts well and just keeps getting better.  Smiling

 Great PR, Linz.

Yes, indeed

Richard Goode's picture

This is great stuff, Linz.

Dare I presume to say it... it's infinitely nobler than your Veitch press release.


Marcus's picture

I just looked up his entry on Wikipedia and it says that he is "a regular speaker, orator and singer at left-wing, union and socialist events." A singer too?

Linz, this guy really does sound like your arch-nemesis Smiling


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Chris Trotter is a ubiquitous leftie commentator. His father is Tony Trotter, actually a very nice man and former broadcasting colleague. No relation to Ron as far as I know. Chris Trotter and I go back a long way. We were often used as the foil for each other on The Ralston Group on TV3 in the 90s. He once wrote: "Younger New Zealanders should consider the origins of the current obsession with political correctness. This catch-all expression for every social policy with which the Right disagrees can be traced back to the antics of Lindsay Perigo, editor of The Free Radical and founder of the far-Right Libertarianz Party." Eye

Great Stuff Linz...

Marcus's picture

..but who is Chris Trotter? Any relation to Sir Ron Trotter, former chairman of the business roundtable?

As I say ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

It is strange he does not see "backbone of the nation; earners of overseas funds" ..."creators of wealth, makers of jobs" being a positive thing.

Not strange. This is his real thinking. As I say, he threw discretion to the winds. Too many Chardonnays, perhaps. Smiling

Well said, Lindsay....the

Elijah's picture

Well said, Lindsay....the article is a bit odd and evidence of the instrinsic evil of socialists.

It is strange he does not see "backbone of the nation; earners of overseas funds" ..."creators of wealth, makers of jobs" being a positive thing.

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