Publish and be damned....(or discredited)

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2008-07-28 08:01

Alan Saffron, the idiot son of Sydney businessman Abe Saffron, has written a book.

It is released on Wednesday and apparently contains all manner of bizarre, unsubstantiated, untrue, misleading, exaggerated fantasies due to Mr Saffron hating his father and seeking a posthumous revenge for imagined slights.

As the defamed people in the book are dead, with no one to speak for them, I have decided to speak up on their behalf...(notice how living people are conveniently not defamed in the book, which the author would happily do were his allegations not lies)...

For instance....

1. He claims his father was a gangster....What nonsense! his father owned some nightclubs and entertainment venues in Sydney. Big deal.

2. He claims his father was paying bribes to Sir Robert Askins, Premier of New South Wales between 1965 and 1975....also utter nonsense, and done for the sole reason of defaming and smearing a dead man who cannot defend himself.

3. He claims his father was involved in the death of Juanita Nielsen....this is the most vicious, nasty and mean spirited of all the allegations. It is hard to recreate the effect the disappearance and death of Ms Nielsen back in 1975, but it is untrue to suggest Abe Saffron was involved. No evidence exists to substantiate this claim...none whatsoever...and were there any evidence the National Crime Authority would have found it.

4. The book also claims James Anderson, an employee of Abe Saffron, was involved in Ms Nielsen's death.....Mr Anderson died 5 years ago, the evidence substantiating the claim does not exist.

5. The book claims Kerry Packer regularly borrowed money from Abe Saffron for gambling debts.....oh please! Sticking out tongue ...(Saffron junior was clearly in his fantasy world when he wrote that!) Sticking out tongue

6. Etc

7. Etc

If there is one thing I cannot stand it is people who go around spreading rumours and smearing other people, whilst providing no substantiation of their claims and relying on winks, nods and innuendos to turn their lies into truth.

Not a single person in the book was ever charged, let alone convicted, of what Saffron junior claims....and this is a pathetic smear campaign against conveniently dead people.

The version of events put forward by the people mentioned in the book are plausible, logical and tend to fit with the normal course of their day to day life...(e.g "I owned a nightclub, there were lots of customers, we made profits, that is the source of my wealth")...rather than fantasy stories from a stupid 'idiot son' with a chip on his shoulder.

SOLO-ists and others....ignore everything you hear or read about claims in this is more or less a work of fiction. Smiling

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Extracts of the book have

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Extracts of the book have been available online for a week or so, which I have read.

With regards to Mr Saffron (senior) he was investigated by numerous law enforcement chaps for decades and turned up nothing...apart from some absurd tax evasion charge which was so silly the Judge only gave him 18 months as if to say "40 years of investigations and this is the best you turkeys can come up with?!?!" Shocked

This book is a son with a chip on his shoulder about his father. Nothing more.

have you read the book

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Just an outsider here reading your comments...but seems to me that you have no foundation to your claims.


since the book was released 1 day ago.


it is very hard for me to bevive that you have read and discredited the writer already.


i have no clue as to who this abe saffron person is or was but it seems to me that you have already made your mind up without any facts.




Jeff Dunn 

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