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Amid all of the media and liberal hysteria, I thought this quote of the day was just so funny I had to it pass on:


BTW: For those people who don't know what a quail is (the bird that Cheney & friends were hunting, when the veep pulled the trigger and shot his buddy in the face), it is a helpless little bird found in the great American Southwest, that lives under bushes, doesn't fly (except in short bursts) and is typically marked with an oh-so-cute little plume on the top of their heads. Quails hatch their young, which then follow the hen around in a little line (kind of like ducklings). As helpless little creatures, they are easy to find, shoot & kill...Much easier than bin Laden! PLUS, they taste GREAT BBQ'd and served with corn and beer! Really, though, to "hunt" quail is a misnomer, as you can generally his them with a good wrist-rocket!

Enjoy your day, Capitalists!

Depends on when you're shooting

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Birds that only fly a short distance close to the ground are tough to hit. If you're hunting them on the ground then it is "easier." Instead of stressing the skill of quickly swinging and sighting, you're working on identifying roosts and stalking.

As a former desert dweller,'s picture

As a former desert dweller, I don't agree on the difficulty on killing quail. However, I am sorry the humor seems to have been lost.

Perhaps a bit too tongue &'s picture

Perhaps a bit too tongue & cheek...Meant more as a joke.

I've had a quail as a pet

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I've had a quail as a pet and eaten quail. This post sounds like something out of PETA, frankly.

Also, remember that Cheney's hunting party consists (from what I gather) of old men. Quail hunting is probably the best choice for them, since they, too, can probably only run in short bursts.


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Nor does the Cheetah run, except in short bursts.

Quail are the most challenging shots among all upland birds.

This is the dumbest thing I have seen about the incident.

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