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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Fri, 2008-08-01 07:18

"...the [National Union of Mineworkers] arguments are always presented in a compelling, emotional way: starving miners, soup kitchens, going underground with canaries to see if there is gas there or not, risking their lives on a daily basis, a group of men rather like..you know..the chaps in the trenches all fighting alongside each other; all very strong emotional appeal..."

Ha ha...oh so true...and why my arguments about working class people..(being indolent, ignorant pigs)... fall on deaf ears every time....(even on solopassion.com, alas)...because no one can see beyond this Victorian England image nonsense...ha ha Sticking out tongue

"Throw 'A is A' and rationality out the window, sunshine, because we want to believe in a romantic image of working class people..." ha ha Sticking out tongue

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 I take your point re thread posting.


But, ignore Elijah's racist rantings? 


Run that, 'Why is it evil's motivated' thing past me again.


"The ultimate result of shielding men from folly is to fill the world with fools."

-Herbert Spencer 

As grateful as I am ...

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... for everyone's unsolicited advice as to how to run SOLO, I feel there are certain basics I should reiterate at this point:

1) It can't seriously have escaped folks' attention that Elijah is not an Objectivist, does not claim to be an Objectivist, does not speak for SOLO, is never blue-stickied and is the object of a short primer by me personally designed to educate him in the differences between Objectivism and his collectivist prejudices.

2) Nor can the generic disclaimer at the bottom of every page on this site have escaped folks' attention ... can it?

3) By my count there are 30 threads on the front page alone as I write. Five of those are by Eli. That makes him pretty conspicuous, even without the blue-stickying. Hint: if those who are obsessed with Eli's heresy just ignored him and were more active in starting their own threads instead (and/or posting on the existing non-Eli threads), that would make Eli much less conspicuous and improve the overall quality of the site's content!

4) I can't be sure, but I think Eli knows that a black skin doesn't inherently predispose its possessor to default on his mortgage, etc. I suspect he just enjoys the attention he gets from implying that it does. Best answer: don't give it to him!

5) For those who prefer closed forums, they exist. They abound. Knock yourselves out!

6) Eli—one of the signs of good "breeding" is good manners, no? How well-mannered is it to use my premises so relentlessly and repetitively as a platform to espouse ideas you know are anathema to me?

A is B?

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You say, Elijah, that working-class people are lazy. Working = lazy? That's not the "A is A" you claim it to be!

I know you can express your dislikes sensibly--both that you can do it, and that it can be done. Why make these gross misstatements?


Elijah, explain your

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Elijah, explain your reasoning behind your 'A is A, and as thus working class people are lazy pigs' argument.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

No problems with an open forum

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But I am surprised that you've let Elijah get away with using the 'A is A' principle in such a misguided, pig-headed manor for so long. About time to lay some more of your philosophy 101 on him, eh?

You mean you would prefer a

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You mean you would prefer a closed forum, where 'truth' was muzzled because it upsets people?  ...not very libertarian or objectivist, Joe

...I had no idea you were a closet Marxist...very sad, alas


Thanks, Linz. You're truly

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Thanks, Linz. You're truly doing Galt's work with your open forum.

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