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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sat, 2008-08-02 08:09

I shall be emailing the chaps who live in Civilisation individually....

...but next Saturday, the 9th August, we will be busy campaigning in the Tamaki electorate and seek chaps to help out.

What this involves is meeting in St Heliers at around 9am on Saturday morning before breaking into smaller groups....a couple of chaps in St Heliers, a couple of chaps in Kohimarama, a couple of chaps in Mission Bay, a couple of chaps at Eastridge Shopping Centre (etc) hand out leaflets and meet electors throughout the electorate.

It is expected the response from people should be fairly positive and encouraging...and great fun for those taking part!

Please indicate ...either with a post on this thread or by email....if you are keen to be of assistance and your time and contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Each car will receive a contribution for petrol costs...(I realise it involves time, effort and expense to assist)...and hopefully you will have such fun you will eagerly seek to repeat it on numerous occasions during the next three months leading up to the General Election.


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Ugh! I cannot express my

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I cannot express my humiliation and embarrassment at the campaign event scheduled for today being "rained out"

The weather went 'tits up' with heavy rain from about 8am...requiring myself and Peter Cresswell to postpone.

I have really taken this badly....feel it makes me look like an idiot...and I am very, very, very sorry for anyone who perhaps cancelled planned Saturday morning activities in order to campaign only for that to not take place.

My housekeeper dropped me off in town and I spent about 5 hours walking around the CBD, Ponsonby, Grey Lynn and all the way to Westmere in a daze....just unable to cope with this entire exercise being a substantial cockup...gosh....of all the contingencies it never, once, occurred to be the rain would happen...eeekkkk

Ummmm...yes..gosh....hopefully you chaps will be available to help out next week..and yes...

Getting a splendid response

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Getting a splendid response with a dozen chaps delighted to take part so far...and I feel everyone is, probably correctly, expecting it to be a positive and enjoyable experience.

Those who have not responded, please let me know either by email or with a post on here. Smiling

Elijah's picture Saturday will be in the Tamaki electorate, as the original post says.

That covers Mission Bay, Orakei, Kohimarama, St Heliers, Glendowie, St Johns, Meadowbank and parts of Glenn Innes.

Otara is in the Manukau East electorate, Manurewa is in..ummmmm...the Manurewa electorate, and Mangere is in the Mangere electorate.

I should point out, however, that I am more than happy to campaign in these South Auckland places...

...and never being one to miss a trick Sticking out tongue ..I already have a chap from one of the Pacific Island newspapers working on translating: "Vote Libertarian for cheap alcohol, cheap cigarettes, cheap petrol, cheap food, cheap clothing" into Tongan and Samoan so I can get some leaflets printed for Libz candidates in these electorates. Smiling

(The question is how many Wellington White Urban Liberal girly-men types would be 'brave' enough to go to the Mangere Town Centre or Otara Market handing out Libz leaflets which I will spend a couple of days doing, and will find highly entertaining? and if they are not brave enough to do so....what are they scared of?) Eye


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Where do you plan to campaign? Otara, perhaps? Mangere? Manurewa? Places with all those lovely "working class chaps" you speak of so dearly!

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place." -Ayn Rand

See you there

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I suppose it's matching suits? Smiling

Keep me posted Elijah.

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