A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

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Submitted by Robert on Fri, 2006-02-17 05:53

A picture is worth a thousand words

Photo shot Feb 15th (I think) in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Hat tips:
http://kolthoff.blogspot.com and N-TV.de: URL=http://www.n-tv.de/634520.html.

Landon, here comes Pigman, striking terror against Jihad.....

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I'll have over a dozen up by midweek.

'Hate' Speech

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~~ Clearly you are really quite anti-Moslem biased! You show NOTHING of the majority 'moderate' Muslims who no doubt protested this minority-fundamentalistic-group's attitude. Such...selective...'reporting'! SHAME ! I'm going back to CNN!

~~ Just joshing. I'm sure it would be a hell of a challenge to find many (enough to be noticeable, anyways) 'moderates'...even outside of the Iran/Pakistan/Arabia 'axis'.


Pig Man

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I'm still hoping Bosch Fawstin follows through on his Pig Man shirt.



It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

Hehe... And he's a really

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Smiling Hehe... And he's a really nice bloke too...

and how much will it cost me?

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by god, fuck the tee shirt. where can i get that hottie pants who's wearing it?

Speaking of shirts

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I just got this one thanks to a link on Diana Hsieh's site, we'll see what kind of nasty stares I can collect with it tomorrow: http://www.tshirthell.com/store/product.php?productid=586. I like their Muhammad Ali one too.

"I know there are

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"I know there are intelligent, rational, peaceful muslims. I play cricket with some of them every summer. But dammit, they need to stand up and make it absolutely clear where they stand!"

Absolutely. Mealy-mouthed protestations, phrased in sentences that then go on to make another point about western imperialism are insufficient. Pathetically insufficient. I got quite excited when I heard a radio soundbite following the 'moderate' demonstration that went:

"Those banners did not speak for me! Did they speak for you? [Chorus] No!"

I have not been able to find this elsewhere to put it into context. Pessimistically, I suspect it was not as dramatically good as I had initially hoped. On the other hand - if it WAS this good, then it took the earlier filth to bring it out. Another argument for free speech.


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You can get the shirt from Bureaucrash.

Happy wearing.

T-shirts and moderates

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I know there are intelligent, rational, peaceful muslims. I play cricket with some of them every summer. But dammit, they need to stand up and make it absolutely clear where they stand!

Otherwise that, in their native lands, which they sought to escape will overtake them once again in their adopted homes!

I too want a copy of that T-shirt. Where do I obtain one? Or perhaps I could cajole Mr Capitalismgear.com to produce a similar version in the States? The current capitalism shirt in his catalogue is elegant - but I also want something that ~screams~ capitalism in large block letters so I can annoy socialists...

Fraser Being Boring Again

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Robert asked that "the "moderate-Muslim-majority" we hear so much about - but so little from - cleared its throat, got to its feet and put the fanatic- and fascist-morons, like this Burka-bedecked-bint, back in their place."

I provided an example of that action. Tim has proved that the demonstration wasn't how SOLOists would have done it. I have nothing new to say, but I'm posting again to emphasise my point of view that I will avoid hysteria - as opposed to rational passion - in the current arguments surrounding islam.

I would like a copy of the T-shirt for myself, but red isn't my colour.

Nice, Tim!

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And thanks for the link. Very funny guys.

Moderate face of Islam?

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Moderate face of Islam? The front page news today shows that 40% of Muslims want to see Sharia Law in Britain, and 20% sympathise with the 7/7 murders.

"Moderate", my arse.

Btw, there's some great photos of the second protest here. (Check out the handsome bloke in the Capitalism t-shirt).


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Robert, your comments are spot on. Having seen many photoshop fakes on a many blogs, I take a sceptical view until the photo is verified as genuine.

Judging by the disgusting slogans we saw in London, nothing would surprise me. That is reinforced by the repulsive anti-Jewish cartoons that are published unchallenged in Moslem countries.

There is a political agenda, based on double standards and hypocrisy, that is being pursued by extremists. We must defend our culture and values.


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True, it could be a fake - I did find the image on the internet.


(1) Just because the site is in German doesn't mean it's a fabrication.
(2) Muslim extremists often wax lyrical about Hitler and the Holocaust - so this isn't exactly a radical statement by their standards, as the quote from the ex-Malaysian PM goes to show.
(3) Have a look at these images of Islamabad, not all of the Indian sub continent is a shit-hole.
(4) I've often seen Muslim women, heads covered, marching in anti-western demonstrations. Depends on how devout she and the males in her family are, it isn't as if women can dress to show off their figures in Muslim countries...

Nevertheless, I'll keep an eye out for retractions.

Maybe I'm just being

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Maybe I'm just being provincial, but the trees and buildings in the background don't say "Pakistan" to me. Also, I wonder if the kind of woman who goes out in public with her face covered is the kind of woman who marches in a parade.



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I am not sure, from looking at it, that it is genuine. It is amazing what Photoshop can do. Your hat-tips sources are in German. If it is genuine, then it should be spread around, including the media.

There is a moderate muslim voice

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Following the appalling scenes in London last week, there was a later demonstration by Muslim groups (newslink below) that aimed to show their opposition to the earlier extremist rally (as well as the fact that they took offence to the Danish cartoons). I seem to remember soundbites from the second demonstration that left no doubt about their rejection of the extremist slogans. This voice is overdue, and needs greater volume-but it does exist.

There are Islamo-fascists who must be fought as hard, and as categorically, as one should fight any other kind of fascism. There are also moderate Muslims whom it is easy to work with, share a joke with and be friends with.



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This image sums up the whole Muslim mentality for me.

It's about bloody time the "moderate-Muslim-majority" we hear so much about - but so little from - cleared its throat, got to its feet and put the fanatic- and fascist-morons, like this Burka-bedecked-bint, back in their place.

Given the fact that Muslim leaders from friendly Muslim countries* agree with the sentiments on the sign, I won't hold my breath. I mean, has anyone actually done a head-count and confirmed that moderate Muslims ~are~ in the majority? I'd hope that was the case in nuclear-armed Pakistan at least!

*Recall that then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad gave an address to the Organization of the Islamic Conference in which he characterized Israel and Jews around the world as "the enemy'' who "rule the world by proxy."
See: http://www.adl.org/anti_semiti...


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Well, we do call them "Islamo-fascists," don't we?

Utter filth.

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