SOLO-NZ Press Release: Keep Talking to Strangers, Mr. English!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2008-08-04 23:12

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Keep Talking to Strangers, Mr. English!

August 5, 2008

If Bill English's mother didn't warn him about talking to strangers, his leader Neville Key certainly will have by now — more's the pity, observes SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo. This after the release by TV3 of a secretly taped conversation in which National's deputy-leader let slip that a National Government would privatise Kiwibank "eventually, but not now."

"The good news is that English's revelation is good news for those who hold out hope that National retains a vestige of a commitment to private enterprise," says Perigo.

"The bad news is that National can't be up front about it and is hoping to win the upcoming election pretending to be even more Kremlinite than Clark/Cullen, appealing to deeply stupid, communistic sheeple whom Mr. English called 'Labour-plus voters.' Neville Key has rushed to insist that a sale of Kiwibank under National is 'extremely unlikely.'

"National is caught in a bind of its own making. Under Lockwood Smith, the worst Education Minister in the country's history, National surrendered education entirely to the followers of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci and the associated forces of Political Correctness. When Bill English himself became Minister of Education he did nothing to reverse Smith's capitulation. The voters National confronts today are the products of that surrender — feeble-minded, illiterate, conformist, heads full of utter rubbish, dependent on the government to wipe their botties. To the extent that they grasp the term 'free enterprise' it is anathema to them. Yet the party of free enterprise somehow has to win their allegiance. So it promises not just to wipe their botties but to lick them clean as well. This under a leader who once wrote a perspicacious article for my magazine The Free Radical about Clark-Cullen's 'creeping communism.'

"it's a tragedy. All things being equal, Bill English would make an outstanding Finance Minister, and National's 'hidden agenda,' though inadequate — and to the extent we can discern it from Mr. English's impromptu discourse — would serve the country well. But the party is paralysed by fear of the very stupidity it helped engender.

"National will never overcome communistic welfarism by pandering to it, in office or out. Mr. English should be encouraged to talk to strangers more often, and his musings transcribed and declared official party policy," Perigo concludes.

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Worst of all worlds

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A policy that is total appeasement, given that the policy at the time Kiwibank was created, funded compulsorily by taxpayers, National opposed it.

A lying politician (nothing new there, but more malignantly a clearly deceptive double-crossing one) who wants to do the right thing.

A party with the testicular fortitude of a eunuch doormouse that is terrified of even engaging in the debate on this issue (among many many others).

The snivelling, quivering backdown essentially begging:

- Oh believe us, we're no different from Labour on this;
- Don't believe the guy who we want to be next Finance Minister, he has ideas, but he "doesn't choose his words wisely", just to give you confidence in how we want him to spend a good deal of your money in the next three years;
- Please don't discuss this anymore, it's a bit like discussing sex in front of our parents, it embarrasses us to be reminded that we once had a different policy;
- After all that you'll still vote for us right? Labour is worse remember.

And now the sickening climb-down

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News just to hand:

Bill English MP
National Party Finance Spokesman

5 August 2008

Statement on secret recording

“Statements of mine secretly recorded at a social function last Friday and published over the weekend have caused confusion and concern about National’s policy on Kiwibank and Working for Families,” says National Party Finance spokesman Bill English.

“I did not choose my words well.

“We have worked for several years to find a better way of allowing families to keep their own income.

“We opted to retain the existing structure because we were not willing to create uncertainty for families under pressure. If we are elected we will work to improve the system for families without reducing entitlements.

“With respect to Kiwibank, I shouldn’t have made the comments I made. National has had no discussions about Kiwibank and has no plans to sell it.   

“Comments I made regarding the complexity of WFF have been construed as criticism of John Key. That is wrong. My repeated responses to this question yesterday reflected my determination not to widen the debate – not an attempt to criticise John Key.

“I should have made it clear that I meant no such criticism and I’m making that clear today.”



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may have played English the tape afterwards to prompt him.

As I've said before, Key is leaving no stone unturned to entice voters of all intelligences.

What concerns me most about

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What concerns me most about Mr English, and I mentioned this on and Peter picked up on it, was the 8:00am news yesterday on Concern FM where they said "Mr English claims he cannot recall the conversation.." and then he said "what the tape did not say..."

A lie.

A lie, is a lie, is a lie...and this is the same deceitful Bill English who cut income taxes and increased ACC levies by precisely the same amount, on the same day, a decade ago (...and then tried to claim he had cut taxes!)

And people are seriously intending to vote for these liars!?!? ha ha

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