Nordmeyer, axioms and vomiting

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Tue, 2008-08-12 06:52

It seems that today is some sort of anniversary of the creation of the welfare state in New Zealand.

The chap who created this nonsense was the communist destroyer of wealth, Arnold Nordmeyer, and during the Great Depression he was a puritanical.. (don't drink, smoke, fornicate, dance, have fun, enjoy life) ..Minister from some life destroying religion in North Otago.

During this period he witnessed a few working class no-hopers undergoing hard times...(the results of them choosing to be useless failures and not rich businessmen)...and so he decided the answer to their problems was not to suggest they got off their bottoms and earnt themselves a quid from doing something productive and profitable, but to create an unnecessary welfare state and tax the productive to pay for it.

Soon afterwards the dregs of New Zealand could reproduce at will....paid for by productive people; live in houses paid for by productive people; fall ill and have their medical costs paid for by productive people; after a life of unproductive nothingness they can receive a pension paid for by productive people; (etc)

...and this was, of course, the beginning of 'Sheeple-ism' whereby thick provincial types would simply do whatever socialist politicians would tell them, without thinking and without question.

Over the decades an axiom has sprung up along the lines of "the Welfare State, it's excellent...ya know?" ..and politicians, and New Zealanders in general (except me), only seek to tinker with it and always without actually changing anything fundamental ...(ie failures in life can leech on successful people until the cows come home and if the successful people politely suggests the failure in life should think of the successful person as being his Master and "better" is universally and brutally attacked for being an a**hole)

What I find astonishing is that after seven..yes, SEVEN decades of falling living standards and handouts to the least deserving there is no plan to abolish this nonsense.

If we abolished the Welfare State, re-established privately owned and operated Workhouses, cut taxes (which are no longer required to pay for handouts) and instilled thrift, diligence, a work ethic, intelligence and a strong fear of destitution into the hearts and minds of poor people....we would be living in a rich country in no time.

Rather than opening silly museums to the likes of Arnold Nordmeyer we should be rounding up and machine-gunning his decendents as a punishment (and lesson to other communists) for all the profits stolen from rich, successful 'normal' people in New Zealand.

Let's abolish this welfare state nonsense as quickly as possible....

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Yes, you did

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My apologies. But the post was intended as an edorsement of your post, in joking form. I'll work on my judgment of receptivity.


If there was ever a story

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If there was ever a story to bring shudders, and prove my point as to why handouts  are fundamentally wrong, it is this story in the Daily Mail today.

It says how a Think Tank has issued a report saying that certain Northern England cities....Liverpool, Sunderland and Bradford are "beyond repair".

It suggests that after many, many decades of attempting various Government programmes to regenerate these places...(with every attempt having been a dismal  failure) is time to put the cue back in the rack and face realities.

I imagine in 2030 someone will write a similar report about New Zealand cities....and be attacked for telling the truth.

Britain has engaged in 50 years of working-class-people-are-salt-of-the-earth-types-to-be-revered-so-we-should-give-them-the-benefit-of-the-doubt-for-the-50th-time-rather-than-accepting-reality....New Zealand should not rush down the same path, with its inevitable result.

What no one ever seems to appreciate is this is all the fault of the welfare state...handout after handout to undeserving after undeserving...and you can pretend for decades or simply face facts.

(The thing in that article which astonished me the most is that the average house price in Liverpool is 126,000 pounds! ha ha! a misprint, surely?)

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

I wrote an ...but the most

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I wrote an ...but the most important thing is the destruction of wealth, as we speak, from unnecessary welfare programmes which only the Libz intend to stop. 

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

C'mon Elijah!!!

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It's an a**hole.

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