The 2008 Walking Conference

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 Now that got your attention didn't it?

I know, I know, it sounds riveting; you're probably desperate to attend, right? Sadly, this great occasion has passed - the conference which was held in Panmure, Auckland was on the 4th and 5th of August - and I missed attending too.


This, undoubtedly stimulating conference was organised by 'Living Streets Aotearoa' an organisation made up of ' a membership of transport, road safety, urban design, health and recreation professionals, and passionate citizens from around New Zealand.' So that would be public-bloody-servants skiving off for drinks, nibbles and a talk-fest on a Monday and Tuesday. Oh, and, I guess, a few sticky-beak do-gooders as well.


'Living Streets Aotearoa' manages to employ the equivalent of three full-time workers, and, good news, they will be adding a fourth soon. How do they fund that? I am sure you have guessed. Yep, your money again- in this case it's shovelled to them through the Land Transport Authority.


So what do they seek to achieve?: 'Walkable, healthy, safe communities.' :sick:

How? Well, you have paid for a series of 'Be Active maps' that show walking and cycling routes for seven different suburbs. Don't be thinking that these are just ordinary maps though. No! These come complete with  'calorie' scale so you know exactly how many calories you have burnt on your little trot.


An 'active map' has been produced for Panmure, a place I know a bit about having owned a business there. I can tell you exactly what any such map should show.

   "See the pub at the end marked 'MM? That's a Mongrel Mob drinking hole- give it a wide berth. And the other pub just over the roundabout, marked 'BP'? That's where the Black Power drink, give it a miss too. As for Queen Street that runs between the two pubs? Hold tight to your bags and walk in pairs."


Here's an idea 'Living Streets Aotearoa', pack up your maps, piss off and get real jobs and maybe the money saved could get a bobby on the beat in Panmure.



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