Libz campaigning in the face of communists..

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Tue, 2008-08-19 23:46

I have just gotten home from a most unpleasant experience whilst out campaigning.

This morning I was riding the three bus routes which cover the Tamaki electorate, intending to shake hands, introduce myself and give leaflets to people on the way to work (and in a 'captive' situation ha ha!).

I have done it several times already and usually can easily cover all three routes within an hour and a half without too many problems, and the feedback reasonably positive.

So having just gotten on the bus in St Heliers...full of passengers...and heading along Tamaki Drive to Britomart shaking hands with a "I am Elijah the Libertarian party candidate, how do you do? here is a leaflet [Sir/Madam]"...when the idiot driver screeches to a halt (in rush hour) and starts berating me for electioneering on his bus!

He then starts saying how it is people like me (?) who cause people like him to have to drive buses for a living; and that is why he is a socialist and always votes Green (*snigger*); before opening the door, grabbing me by the collar of my jacket dragging me down the bus to the front door and physically ejecting me onto Tamaki Drive..(and all the time I was saying "do not forget everybody vote Libertarian on election day" which only seemed to make him angrier!).

Needless to say when a bus stops right in the middle of Tamaki Drive during rush hour it causes a traffic jam with numerous cars backed up, and tooting, and I was fortunate not to be run over!

Gosh...what kind of a World are we living in!

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Missed the bus AND the point!!

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What the hell was Eli pushing on the bus before he was thrown off?! THAT'S what you'd talk about in the interview! The 'gimmick' is the vehicle to get him there, you fools! Beyond that there's the whole public ownership issue!

"Elijah had an unpleasant experience and decided to walk away, both mentally and physically."

Boo-fucking-hoo! Unprincipled stunt?! Elijah had every right to be there and the unprincipled sod driving the bus ASSAULTED him, PHYSICALLY MAN-HANDLING him off it!! Honestly... wake up! Your one-at-a-time canvassing technique will take a freakin' lifetime!!

Somehow, Glenn, I think the

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Somehow, Glenn, I think the good folk of the Tamaki electorate are more interested in interest rates, gst, petrol prices and the economy than in 'gimmicks' (or Winston).

As a dilettante, gadfly candidate I prefer talking about things which are important and of concern to electors....and will leave the childish gimmicks to the more 'serious' chaps Sticking out tongue

Hard to believe, but we cannot all be perfect Glenn...


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Elijah had an unpleasant experience and decided to walk away, both mentally and physically.

 What you are suggesting is the kind of unprincipled stunt that Labour likes to pull.  This kind of "Wah, National wants to cut my benefit, look how poor I am" human-interest sob story is why I don't watch the news.

Trying isn't doing

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A serious candidate knows the most effective way to get their message to the people is to use the news. With the media hungry for political stories, you had a Campbell Live slam dunk served on a platter, and instead of seizing the sound bite you were more worried that people might think some grubby working class bus driver got the better of you.

You're a pretender, Eli, strolling around your neighborhood playing the haughty contrarian and having "a hoot."

Well...I am trying to

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Well...I am trying to become one  ha ha!


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You didn't notice my post directly before yours? Or my follow-up enquiry right after it?

I think you should be a politician, Eli. You'd given Winston a run for his money.

Oh! Yes... must admit to

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Oh! Yes... must admit to not having seen that original suggestion post...sorry...yes, gosh.

But I still think it is a bit late in the day to complain about it now....3 weeks or so.

> Fudge

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> "Been a wee bit busy today and only read these messages now... This incident did happen a while back... nearly a month ago, so it is a bit late now to complain."

Incident reported by Elijah on Tue, 2008-08-19 23:46.

Suggestion submitted by Jameson on Thu, 2008-08-21 03:45.

Suggestion ignored by Elijah on Thu, 2008-08-21 23:08.

> "It is hard to ascertain the specific driver..."

You had the time and the route and the name of the bus company.

> "... but I also do not want to start complaining (not really a complaining sort of chap coming from a long line of "Never Complain Never Explain" upper class arrogance ha ha!)..."

Really? You certainly had a good bitch about it to everyone here. The question is, Elijah, why didn't you register your complaint with those who would have undoubtedly given your campaign some traction? Do you really want to be a politician - or just a pretend one?

> "... and I certainly do not want anyone to think some grubby working class bus driver could somehow get the better of me!"

The moment you let slide the opportunity to get nationwide attention for your cause, the grubby working class bus driver did get the better of you.

Been a wee bit busy today

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Been a wee bit busy today and only read these messages now...

This incident did happen a while back...nearly a month ago, so it is a bit late now to complain.

It is hard to ascertain the specific driver...but I also do not want to start complaining (not really a complaining sort of chap coming from a long line of "Never Complain Never Explain" upper class arrogance ha ha!) Sticking out tongue ...and I certainly do not want anyone to think some grubby working class bus driver could somehow get the better of me!

But there have been other, far more amusing, incidents on the campaign trail of irrational parsons and their congregations with 'murder on their minds' (resulting in a tactical retreat at high speed down the hill) Sticking out tongue ...heated arguments with poor people in Glenn Innes shocked at our policy to abolish welfare (and my perfectly benevolent suggestion they should reserve a place under a bridge now to avoid the rush); being mistaken for a burglar when out knocking on doors...but all in all people are very friendly and feedback rather positive.

The only thing which surprises me is, in view of the great fun I am having as a candidate, why more chaps did not come forward as Libz candidates....the entire experience is a hoot!


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The Libz candidate list has not yet been released, so the Candidate page on the site (notice that it is not linked to from the front page) is not a reflection of the current status of any Libz candidate. (Curse you, Google!)

The Eraserhead picture of Bernard is an in-joke related to the Doug and Matty article.Sticking out tongue

 Also, no libertarian to my knowledge has ever used the words  "quisling," "traitor" or "scumbag."  Well, OK, maybe the last one.  Smiling


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3 day observer. I defended you without knowing your politics. I may still choose to do so; but I cannot defend your writing.

What was your price? I don't want to know. Do I care? Where's Libz Sue (ZB fame) in all of this?

Cui bono.


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He's completely missed the bus ~ and the news cycle with its free, high-rating and unpurchasable media.

Why, Eli?

Ha ha

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More acute observations, good work Scherk Smiling
An Objectivist website after all is not the place to begin one's ponderings.

just peachey

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Thank you for the quick summation. You will have to forgive me for not conducting my own research. Had a drawing room experience with Luke, Gregster, and Elijah. By proxy, I may add.

Only 43? I'm crushed. By the way, how does Libz Sue of ZB fame fit into all of this? She standing for anything?

Thanks for the invite. Anything after 3pm will not work for me. How about 3am, on the porch?


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agree with Glenn. Press charges, for the situation you describe is assault. It is not HIS bus, it is public transport. Amazing how socialists who like the use of the Royal We, suddenly revert to the use of Mine when it suits them. This episode is worth publicity!

Why think and research when you can ask others to do it for you?

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Allan Peachey, National party incumbent in Tamaki, elected in 2005 with 58% of the combined vote. If you want to know if he some something, RTFM -- or consult the page he has at National or at Wiki, or hell, why not, Allan Peachey's own website?

In answer to Shari's unspoken questions:

-- Elijah Lineberry is campaigning to be MP for Tamaki. Hope he or the Libz manages to get him on the ballot -- at the moment he isn't even noted as candidate on their website. Either their webmaster is currently on the outs with the party (check his Eraserhead picture for Danton), or they just don't give a fuck. If they don't give a fuck, I can't see why they are flapping their boozerized gums in the direction of their friends Olivia and Glenn. As Glenn has pointed out in the past, Libz get fewer votes than the most wacked-out religious nutjobs your rural areas seem to produce, such as the Heritage Party.

--Elijah, though campaigning for the Libz, actually hopes and expects that the black-lipped dragonwoman Helen Clark gets a fourth term. If you like, I can dig up that reference for you, Shari. On second thought, you can do it yourself.

-- Elijah has a wee 'thing' about Negros and Spaniards, considering them to blame for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac meltdown in America. Hope there aren't too many Negros or Spaniards in Tamaki, or if they are, hope they don't run into Elijah on his 'good days.'

-- The Libertarianz did not put a candidate in Tamaki in 2005, thus if Elijah can attract the non-Negro vote in sufficient numbers, he might break through the grass ceiling, and crash his numbers above the posted party total, nine. That's, um, versus the twelve thousand Peachey garnered.

So, yes, Peachey was a principal at some school, and a candidate. Elijah also is a candidate, though you wouldn't know it from anything other than hisself, and his martini-crony 'shotgun,' Cresswell.

You are invited to the next rollicking boozish kneesup sponsored by the 43 Libertarianz that are still speaking to each other in words other than "quisling," "traitor" and "scumbag." It will be held at an undisclosed location in a rather shabby middle class area near downtown Auckland. You are invited, but you will actually have to sit on the porch until the screaming is over inside. Which could be a while.



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Who is Peach? A former Principal of some school, yes?

Forgive me. I'm a bit confused. Has it been 3 days only? Geez, I must have drunk more Sherry than I usually do.

Hey, least bus drivers don't carry guns right?

Speaking of which. Hand me the gun. No, the bigger one. My younger daugther rides shotgun. My older sits behind me.

Who's riding shotgun with you?

Missing the bus

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With the risk of telling you how to suck a political egg, Eli, I fear you're passing up the opportunity to get your policies plastered across TV and the broadsheets. This is the sort of story that Winston would have ridden all the way to a fourth term. :-/

A much better morning on

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A much better morning on the buses today.

Different driver/s and no problems whatsoever; most of the electors were happy to take a leaflet and pleased there is a Libz candidate.

Several people mentioned they had no idea who their MP is (!) and others were critical of the invisibility of Mr Peachy during the last three years...which is always a good sign! ha ha!

Thank you for the positive comments Smiling...(I found Wednesday morning most unsettling and unexpected) 

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

Stop the Press!!!!

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You must press charges, Elijah! If he physically man-handled you that's assault. I recommend this action, not because of the violation of your rights, but rather because the publicity would be worth thousands ~ maybe hundreds of thousands if you milk it right!!!

What you did was entirely legal. He had no right to toss you off the bus. If you think you've missed the window, I recommend you find that driver and do it again, making sure you get the names of witnesses before he ejects you.


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 It takes a lot of excellent qualities to get out-and-about on the campaign trail.

 Sterling work!


"The ultimate result of shielding men from folly is to fill the world with fools."

-Herbert Spencer 

I think a public career for you, Elijah

Ptgymatic's picture an excellent idea, just not in politics. Have you considered acting? I would pay to see you perform!


Oh he follows in the

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Oh he follows in the car...

He drives me over there...I get on the bus...he follows behind...picks me up at Britomart and races back down Tamaki Drive (no point getting on a bus coming from Britomart at that time) to the next main bus stop to repeat the process.

We have it down to a military precision exercise! ha ha!

Mindy...if I do actually win in November, it would be of great benefit to libertarianism in New Zealand.

The only thing I have vowed not to do is never, ever to mention Maoris or the Treaty..(the hassles and bad publicity are simply not worth it); but with a Libz MP it would bring in a great deal of new members, a great deal of money, I would lock and load and blast Rodney and the Compulsion Touters out of the water, highlight various issues (taxation, welfare, freedom, Bill of Rights, RMA)...whilst targeting rural and rich urban electors and would fully expect the Libz to have a dozen MPs in 2011...(and no, I do not want to be Leader as Bernard is doing a splendid job and only has to wait 3 years to become an MP).

The reason I am confident of our future success if I am an MP is because I would be saying what a large number of people are thinking and only the Libz have relevant policies for these chaps.

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

Good on you

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That sounds really unpleasant Elijah.  Good on you for getting out and about among the real world.

I didn't know you were a candidate?

Nowhere near

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as frightening as Mind y in office. In fact, if Elijah was the only politician there would be major improvements.

I'm surprised you didn't bring your help Eli? Smiling

Elijah in public office

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Now there's a frightening thought!

I guess ...

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... that's what's meant by "going the extra mile" Eli.

Next time take the burly grumpy Irishman O'Cresswell with you. Eye

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