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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Wed, 2008-08-20 12:02

Fantastic seeing him make it through his semi-final.

The interview after his heat was not KASS, but refreshingly honest, turning the pap, rote interview against the reviewer.


'What do you think went wrong?'

'Doesn't take a blind man to see that. [Looking back down the course]. The winning boat was there, my boat was way back there, damn hard to win a race with a boat in front of you like that.'

'And do you think you'll take something from this race 'going forward.''

[Fouhy looking at interviewer as if he just arrived from Planet Prime Time.] 'Probably not. No.'


I hope he gets a medal, he surely showed grit tonight, and overcame the personal demons.

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No probably about it, Mark

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And good to see sponsorship kicking in. This morning I had the misfortune of catching pomo-jock Mucus Lush on Radio Live saying how this was the best Olympics in living memory, bleating on about how the Chinese really know what they're doing, not commercialising it like Athens and Sydney, which were "ruined by all that Coke advertising."

Commie cocksucker.

The radio report didn't say

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The radio report didn't say Olivia. The gist was that she had got the pip, wanted to fly out early, but Curry (the supervisor guy - chef on a mission or something) has told her it is a team, they all fly home together, that's the contract, so if she wants to fly home early she would have to pay her own ticket.


... they should probably all be paying their own ticket.

I like the 1500 metre bronze medalist: Christian nutter, but he has a good contract with Raebok, whereby under the bonuses built into his private contract, the bronze will now pay off his mortgage and set him up financially  for the next six years running. That's how it should be.

I love Beatrice..

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It is so, so rare to hear a NZ'er let alone an Islander, talk with the amount of open pride in themselves the way she does. She's really impressed me.

Why does she want to flounce early Mark?

No disagreement from me on

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No disagreement from me on that front Glenn.

And I certainly hope we stop pumping money in Beatrice, who has, according to this mornings radio news, flounced, and wants to leave the Olympic village early. 

Lovely. . .

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A sportsman in reality.

But here's a reality nobody wants to acknowledge: when you divide the cost our Olympians' training and travel by the tally of metal so far, they come to a whopping NZ$3.4 million a pop.

Personally I don't think it's a luxury the New Zealand taxpayer can ~ or should ~ afford. :-/

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