The 10 Worst Sharemarket Investments

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Thu, 2008-08-21 06:35

I found this highly nostalgic and amusing article in the Times about the 10 Worst Sharemarket Investments.

As someone who likes to give credit where it is due...investors could not have known at the time how these companies would go 'tits up' so quickly and dramatically, and can hardly be blamed for their decisions.

I would also like to say that Polly Peck, in its heyday, made a lot of people a great deal of money. There are large numbers of people who backed Nasir in the early 1980s and cashed in their chips four or five years later for an eightfold capital gain; so despite the events of 1990 a lot of chaps should remember who paid for their holiday homes and enabled them to send their sons to Eton...but yes, all rather sad how Polly Peck ended up.

I am inclined to believe Adil Nasir to be fundamentally innocent, but merely someone who was caught out by the recessionary conditions of 1990..and these things happen.

I must say, however, I find the Millwall Holdings saga to be highly amusing...the Football Club obviously realised their larger lout fans were basically thick and prize bunnies and saw an opportunity to finance their operations for many years whilst leaving investors/fans to carry the can Sticking out tongue ..(a bit like the former owners of the Warriors who looked Eric Watson up and down and could not help a cynical smirk Eye and "ah Mr Watson, come on in...")

As for Enron, Maxwell Communications and Northern Rock Shocked...well...gosh.... 

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