Well done Danny

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2008-08-25 06:52

A splendid chap, Danny Lee, has won the US Amateur golf championship in America.

I am delighted at this result!

Danny is about to become a New Zealand citizen, has really showed everyone what he are made of; and has set himself up for a successful golfing career.

This is the sort of chap I like and admire...not for him to moronic activities of other 18 year olds..oh no..he has gotten stuck in and achieved something, ignoring a lot of mediocre peer pressure and just getting on with it.

Needless to say there is a fairly obvious reason for his success, and this will be inexplicable for the middle and working classes (as they turn up the volume on their I-pods and continue text messaging)

If only we had more chaps like him! Smiling ...more chaps who abandon collectivist behaviour, more chaps who are individualists, more chaps who see no challenge as impossible to overcome, more chaps who are...well...'normal'.

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on the above point you're still ascribing commonality by class to those individuals.

I am the most individualist

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I am the most individualist chap around, Gregster :p ...at least 10 times per day I find myself in a minority of one on some point or other. 

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...


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"inexplicable for the middle and working classes"

"more chaps who abandon collectivist behaviour"

You haven't quite abandoned the behaviour Eli but keep working to it.

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