To the Labour government.

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Submitted by Sandi on Wed, 2008-09-03 12:16

Your legacy of blanket banning and censorship has both enraged and disgusted me beyond words. I, as a New Zealander have looked on in absolute horror as you have viciously lashed out against New Zealand with such venomous dictatorial self-enforced authority, exceeding all realms of morality. Today I see the utmost vile and one of the most despicable levels of immorality that could ever be reached by any government.

You possess the conceit and the contempt to send a grossly unarmed New Zealander into a country of perpetual civil war that has ravaged the Solomon Islands for many years. You, who consign a New Zealand citizen to face gangs of machete wielding savages with the only form of protection being a small can of pepper spray. A New Zealand policeman has barely managed to escape with his life from such attack and has suffered serious injuries.

This type of attack is not the first against other (peace-keeping) policemen on the island, where rebels control isolated pockets of the country and are responsible for a multitude of deaths including the murder of a senior member of government.

For the Labour government to harbour such contempt and so little value of its citizens, by deliberately UN-ARMING them in the name of political correctness, is absolutely immoral and totally beyond redemption. With such a demonstratively small regard for the lives of law abiding New Zealanders one must ask, Are you using the Solomon Islands as a training arena for facing the same sort of tribal violence synonymous in south Auckland whilst being unarmed?

The absolute creed of the Labour government is that the protection of the life of a criminal is more important than the protection of a local street bobby. And because there is such animosity, thrust upon the law abiding New Zealanders by your government, that one can not help but wonder if the Labour government is genuinely afraid of its own citizens?

The hypocrisy from the Labour government is even more sickening, as Helen Clark waves her big OSH baton in the face of the productive. You, the Labour government have instilled an enormous amount of paranoia which has been the catalyst for you to extract an equally enormous amount of money from businessmen, whilst at the same time signing a free trade agreement with a like minded foreign communist regime. Your mutual masturbation with China will force New Zealand producers to compete against those whose safety costs and standards match their human rights level of zero.

The Labour government demonstrates to New Zealand that they possess no virtue, and it is through their blatant, thorough and complete immorality that they handicap, impose, dictate, endanger and threaten the very existence of all New Zealanders.

To render a man defenceless is enslavement.

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