The target of Michael Moore's next film

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Submitted by Pete L on Wed, 2006-02-22 03:32

Michael Moore's next movie will take on the American health care system. No doubt the underlying message will be that America needs a government financed system. On his website currently, he is appealing to Americans who have horror stories to share about their experiences with HMO's and insurance companies. Here's the link, if you think you can handle it without vomiting:

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Michael Moore naked?

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Imagine someone saying "food is a precious human right that cannot be trusted to the vagaries of the profit-driven market model." It's certainly a higher priority need than medical care. And socialized agriculture has worked splendidly every time it's been tried, right?

National Healthcare

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The reason the majority of Americans are in favor of National Healthcare is that the notion of personal responsibility has virtually disappeared and everyone wants a free handout. Heaven forbid that you be responsible for your own health and wellfare...nope, these days it is everyone else's job to make sure you're saved from your own stupidity.


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Am I being paranoid?

Just last friday, my local newspaper, The Miami Herald, published an article decrying the negative impact of medical tourism on the semi-socialized American health care system. Two days later, they publish an article by Dr.Mary E. O'Brien, member of the board of directors of New York Metro Physicians for a National Health Plan.

According to Dr. O'Brien, "the free market model does not work..." (Huh? Do you see a "free Market"? I don't see a free Market).

Health care is, according to Dr. O'Brien, "...a precious human right that cannot be trusted to the vagaries of the profit-driven market model."

She also notes that "...the majority of Americans are in favor of national healthcare."

Unfortunately, it would appear that she's right on that last point:


I expect socialized medicine, along with all it's concommitant consequences; what I'm left wondering is, given it's current track record, who will be the scapegoat?

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One thing I'd love to see is

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One thing I'd love to see is Green to the bone Michael Moore getting dropped naked and unarmed into the rainforest... It'd be interesting to see how he'd deal with the "fragile ecology" then.

But here's hoping for fully privatized medicine and a subsequent drop in insurance rates.


It all basically comes back to fight or flight.

This could be the best news

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This could be the best news in a while. He made a polemic against GM, and they're still around (their current troubles showed up years after the movie). He made an anti-gun screed, and the gun prohibitionists promptly folded their tents and gave up. He undertook to deliver an election to Kerry, and Bush won handily. I'm looking forward to what he'll do for free-market medicine.



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Moore ought to take a look at Britain "Nationalised Hospital System" (sic). Figures just published suggest that one in ten patients pick up a new infection in NHS hospitals.

I think I can already guess

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I think I can already guess at Moore's thesis: "The American system is flawed because we do not all float into hospitals on a cloud and receive thousands of dollars worth of medical care for absolutely nothing, the way they do in, say, Cuba."

A portly fellow like Moore criticizing the way the U.S. cares for its health ... he ought to first cast the fat off his own belly.

Growing up closer to Flint

Growing up closer to Flint (Michael's supposed home town) then he did, we have a special place for all of his work. Its the curb right next to last weeks left overs.

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