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Submitted by Callum McPetrie on Sun, 2008-09-07 10:23

So, Glenn Jameson, here at SOLO, is a "key creative talent" behind National's latest billboard campaign. Many people, such as Peter Cresswell, are up in arms over it.

However, I digress. Frankly, so what?

The fact is, he has the right to go and work for whoever he wants to work for. He has no "duty" to go and work anywhere. Isn't that what Objectivism is about? Glenn was acting in his rational self-interest. Given the choices, benefits and consequences involved, he decided to go and work on the National Party's advertising team. This does not necessarily say, however, that he agrees with the National Party and what it stands for. Indeed, he has a rather pragmatic justification for his work with the National Party.

All things considered, I too would rather have him work for, say, the Libertarianz, just like most SOLOists and Libertarianz, and believe that the Nats are no different from Labour. But it should not be held against him. He chose to do what he considered to be the best thing to do out of all his choices. He looked at the National Party's views and compared them with his. And he took the job.

Besides, when this is all over, he's pretty much free to do whatever he likes again. It's merely for this election campaign that he has decided to work for the Nats. He has not done anything wrong, on any level. Yes, we may question why he did go and work there, but we should not:

a) feel morally superior; and

b) go on a Medieval witchhunt, just because he made a decision in his rational self-interest that we may disagree with.

Glenn's pragmatic justification:

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Let Glenn alone

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His first and primary duty is to judge for himself, and act in his interests. He did so.

The criticisms of Glenn in this thread seem to be:

1. The Nats are liars and unless everything they promise is accomplished if they win the election, then Glenn is reprehensible; and Glenn should not work for any but Libz. (Summary of what little sense I can make of Elijah's post).


2. Nationals are not really going to lower taxes and do not even run on the issue of lower taxes. (Seems to be Duncan's point).

I am sure Glenn did not pull Nats policy positions out of his backside--I am sure he was given some direction. I am sure the promises implicit in his ads were given to him to craft messages around by the Nats.

Seems he has crafted direct and powerful messages.

Maybe the Libz should have hired him? Lesson for next time?

None of the arguments against Glenn, on this thread, anyway, are very sensical. You cannot shoot the messenger. Glenn has the right to earn a living.

Scott DeSalvo
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"The Moral Of The Episode"

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"As we left him his interlocuter, a gentlemen grown gray in Washington and long ago lost to every decency, pointed out the moral of the episode. 'In politics,' he said, 'man must learn to rise above principle.' Then he drove it in with another: 'When the water reaches the upper deck,' he said, 'follow the rats.'"

(H.L. Mencken, "The Politician", lecture at Columbia University, January 4, 1940, reprinted in "The Mencken Crestomathy", p. 152)

Okay - so if by supporting

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Okay - so if by supporting an equivalent to ETS National is going to cost New Zealanders more than any income tax cuts they might proffer (not that they mention anything about such mythical tax cuts on their site), how the hell can you say with a straight face that National will lower taxes?

The effect of a National Government will be an increase in taxes, through the imposition of an emission trading system!


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No Duncan...

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I agree with you there. A terrible policy.

Olivia, the word 'taxation'

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Olivia, the word 'taxation' turns up once on National's policy page, & links to a speech by Bill English (ugh) about emissions trading (ugh again).  Nothing to do with taxes (except on carbon) and certainly nothing about cutting them - in fact English says:

"National is committed to honouring our Kyoto Protocol obligations and,
in Government, we will work to achieve further global alliances that build on the goals agreed to at Kyoto. ... To that end we consider a well-designed, carefully balanced emissions trading scheme (ETS) to be the best tool for efficiently reducing emissions across the economy. We are committed to passing legislation for an ETS within nine months of taking office."

So he's standing up an promising to impose a productivity-strangling ETS on the long-suffering population of New Zealand - while there is utter silence about tax cuts on their own damn policy page - and you have the gall to claim that National is being honest about cutting taxes?

Are you for a minute claiming that any tax cuts National has the testicular displacement to proffer will even come close to offsetting the crippling damage that an ETS will do to the New Zealand economy?


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What the fuck is the point in having three seperate threads for one fucking issue?


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it is fairly shocking they would engage in mass deceit

Welcome to modern advertising!

Well said Callum

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I thought along similar lines when I posted my congratulations to Glenn.

In posting on Sarah Palin, I gave the same consideration. I mean to say that for me to support a woman who does not support the right of choice is an enormous issue. However there are some issues that are even bigger. The same could be said between the choice of having a National or Labour government.

Well Eli...

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I think it is a fair point to ask if the person (ahem) who thought this up believes it is to be true.

If they do not then it is fairly shocking they would engage in mass deceit whilst claiming to be an objectivist.

As the person who did come up with that line I can say it is not a deceit, it is what the Nats intend to do. They are committed to making NZ a more profitable and productive nation and cutting taxes is just one way which will contribute to that objective. It is one of the main reasons why people leave our country... just one of them mind.

You make a good point,

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You make a good point, Callum, about a chap working for whomever he likes.

But let us look at some of the facts...especially regarding billboards.

1. Say Goodbye To Higher Taxes. Not Your Loved Ones

This is the perfect example of Tory deceit in the sense it implies massive tax cuts..(yeah, right!)...and the flood of people leaving for Australia will be halted at 7:01pm on November 8th.

I think it is a fair point to ask if the person (ahem) who thought this up believes it is to be true.

If they do not then it is fairly shocking they would engage in mass deceit whilst claiming to be an objectivist...('say what you mean, mean what you say' and all that)..and as someone who personally knows most tarts in Auckland, I can say that none of them would stoop that low to earn money to buy drugs.

If they do believe it to be true...if Finance Minister Bill English backtracking on tax cuts ("we do not feel they are affordable" which is what he said last time he was Finance Minister) does happen and the creator of this billboard is surprised by that Shock ...then that is equally worrying! (the term 'braindamaged' springs to mind)

2. More Doctors More Nurses. Less Bureaucrats.

In the words of John McInroe .."You cannot be serious" Shock

Fudging the tax issue, fudging the departing NZ issue may be plausible (50,000 people are free to move to Australia if they want to)...but you cannot believe NZ hospitals circa. 2010 (18 months from now) will have more Doctors and Nurses and less bureaucrats.

I find it insulting that anyone would try and convince me they believed this to be true.

The idea the number of bureaucrats will fall under any Government other than a Libertarianz government is absurd.

Here is a challenge....if none of these policies happen, if the Tories revert to being Tories once elected, and all this has been a deceitful confidence trick on the NZ electors...I think Glenn should return the money to the National party as a good objectivist.

(Yeah, right!)


On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

Thanks, Callum

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Means a lot to me that you've taken the time and thoughtful consideration to post this mature perspective. Smiling

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