National Party Billboards you will never see...

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2008-09-08 23:59

As a couple of solo-ists have betrayed what they never really believed in anyway...and will be daydreaming with a "*sigh* I am Howard Roark come to life" ...and spend years dining out on stories of how honest and honourable they are, I have decided to make some suggestions for National Party Billboards..(which, curiously, will never appear around New Zealand in the next couple of months)...


BROKEN PROMISES? ...(what promises?!?!)






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Hello Olivia,

I am new to this Forum. SOLO is a brand, no? I hear from Lindsay P. that you emanate goodness, or words to that effect.

Everything is a situation. Some mates may feel betrayed according to their own personal situations. Some mates rally round and offer strength in whatever shape or form.

No person comes outfitted with armour against Disillusion.

I wish you luck in your journey.


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For what it's worth, I don't think you've betrayed anyone, I just think you're wrong about the Nats. I know neither you or Glenn can comment about the specifics while you're with your current employer, so there's not much point debating said specifics until after the election.

Personally I hope you're right about the Nats ... but I doubt it. Either way, if I were in the neighbourhood I'd love to sit down with you over a few beers and try to convince you of the error of your ways Eye


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The extreme reactions I have seen on SOLO are more akin to a group of Stalinists finding out 2 in their midst thought Trotsky had some good ideas.

Quite so. And please appreciate that these reactions are the individual views of those who have expressed them, not SOLO's.

Yes, the working bee was a

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Yes, the working bee was a great deal of fun....splendid day!

Hello Salem

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It seems to me that Olivia and Glen can do as they damn well please!!

They have weighed up the value to them of helping to get rid of Labour against the value of voting for a party that is probably more closely aligned to their political beliefs but stands little chance of getting represented in Parliament this time.  

Neither belong to the Libz, and no one has an obligation to vote for us.  We should not assume that all Objectivists will or must vote Libertarianz.  

This is clearly a considered, practical choice, but one perhaps you and I would not agree with.  But it's silly to treat them as pariahs.  They are good people.  I think its great to have them having access to and getting in the ears of the Nats.

The extreme reactions I have seen on SOLO are more akin to a group of Stalinists finding out 2 in their midst thought Trotsky had some good ideas.

Keep up the good work on the hustings.  Loved the story about the working bee..could just imagine it!

...and the drinks are still

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...and the drinks are still on...although no one actually named a date for them Smiling

It's getting serious

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Time to "kiss" and make-up, tippled as when you wrote this thread, I reckon.

Not at all, Olivia... I

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Not at all, Olivia...

I am the chap who decided to close down a company earning half a million per year rather than submit to Government intrusion.

I am the chap who has stuck to his principles through thick and thin...whatever the cost..(very high at times)

I am the chap who prefers to get stuck in and do things rather than just talk about them 

I am the chap who never sat down to dine with the devil to pay the gas bill

I am the chap no one gets to lie to twice

I am the one with a moral code which says some things are right and others are wrong

I am the chap who stands up and is counted rather than selling out.

I am the chap who admits mistakes, apologises and moves on.

I am the chap who is the 'real thing' and gets barbequed for it whilst the empty cans making the most noise get slobbered all over.....(can't think what that reminds me of)

Drink and be merry

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Drinks off? No! What would life be about without drinks? Eli you're not cancellng the drinks are you?????????


Oh bugger

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I take it drinkies are off at your place Eli? How unfortunate. I suggest your hussy-fit is misdirected. Don't be such a softy!


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is the pot calling the kettle black... *shrugs.*

I am just sorry to learn

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I am just sorry to learn you are so shallow...*shrugs*

...sorry to learn you do not consider this assignment the most degrading and shameful thing in your life...sorry to learn you would sell anyone down to river for a few hundred dollars...sorry to learn nothing is beyond the pale


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As a couple of solo-ists have betrayed what they never really believed in anyway...and will be daydreaming with a "*sigh* I am Howard Roark come to life" ...and spend years dining out on stories of how honest and honourable they are...

Don't you DARE tell me, let alone the world, what I do or don't believe in... or what I day-dream about!

I have disappointed YOUR principles with this job I chose to take, not mine. I will not fucking justify to anybody here how I earn my money - especially in a time of economic recession. I weighed this all up and made a choice. It is that simple.

And by the way, for all you cultist Libertarians that have skins so thin they resemble a laddish club rather than a political party, SOLO happens to be an Objectivist forum, not a Libertarian one. I have never been a member of any political party or Libertarian anything in my life, other than a guest at certain parties and barbecues, where I mistakenly thought I was perhaps enjoyed due to my sense of life, rather than how committed I was to a political group. So you can take your "betrayal" talk and stick it up whichever orifice it conveniently fits.

If there is one thing that comes through for me in this, it is the benevolent world full of camaraderie, honour, fun and freedom that I long for will not be had in the Libertarian world - USA or NZ.


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By the way, did Charlie Pride not do a song on Elijah?

Which song is that?  Is it  "If You Still Want a Fool Around" ? Smiling

I like Pride's quote,  "I don't have no skin hang-ups. I'm no color. I'm just Charley Pride, the man."

Couple of points,

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Couple of points, Lindsay...

1. I was meaning the National Party was the 'devil'

2. I am most certainly not happy and gleeful that any friendships have been lost over this 'vote National to get rid of Labour' business...quite the opposite, I think it is a rather sad situation and have said so on several occasions.

For myself I just feel disappointed...I would not be designing billboards for ACT or the Greens no matter how much they paid me; nor would I be trading shares for the socialist Government Super Fund no matter what percentage of the profits I was offered (and I am someone who would kill for the kind of 'fire power' I would be able to wield with that kind of money to play with!); nor would I be popping along to the local Catholic church to engage in witchcraft because they are really nice chaps and want to lend me money to various business projects ...(etc)

But yes...each to their own, I suppose.

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

What annoys me ...

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...but what annoys me is this view that you should dance with the devil because he is really a nice bloke deep down.

What annoys me is this view that Glenn and Olivia are the devil to begin with. Mistaken about the Nats, absolutely. But good faith mistaken. The view that the Nats would be better than Labour, however deluded, is hardly uncommon among libertarian-minded folk. If anyone thinks I ought to drum Glenn and Olivia off SOLO and cease being friends with them over it, he'd have to be a surly clod trying to imitate, variously, a bigot, a dimwit and an anus.

Lady Slapper just spent two days with me in Wgtn, staying at my apartment, giving me the opportunity to view her close-up (no, not that close-up). She's a good person. She's bursting out of her skin with goodness. Same goes for Glenn, with whom I stayed in Auckland. (The worst I can say of them, which I do repeatedly to their faces, is that they are such dizzy dizzy bitches.) It may be a matter of glee to you that they have lost friends over this matter, Eli, but to me that's a reflection on those who now shun them, and they're better off without such "friends." And since when were these disagreements settled by the number of friends lost, gained or retained?


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Yes, I like asking questions. Answers generally tend to reflect an ability to reason.

Speaking of which, why have negative remarks about Jameson? Just because YOU feel a sense of betrayal?

What Jameson is, Jameson does. Are you representing the Libertarian Party in Election 2008? If so, which Electorate?

Lindsay, President Nixon

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Lindsay, President Nixon was not a crook...all he ever did was say a couple of very stupid things (and should have known better)..not sure about you, but I freely admit to having said and done some incredibly stupid things in my life when I should have known better.

Keith Holyoake, our greatest Prime Minister, was a splendid chap and a libertarian.

He is a good example of what I am about to is what I call the "New Zealand Disease" ...wimping out when the going gets tough.

The reason taxes never actually fall, government spending never falls, regulations never get abolished, freedom never happens is because as soon as the going gets tough everyone caves in and does a U-Turn because hysterical people say they hate the poor, or are racist, or are 'right wing fanatics' or short, no one has any balls.

Holyoake wanted to create a 'libertarian paradise' in New Zealand but had Marshall and Muldoon and Shand (in particular) who were busybody 'tories' who wanted to run everyone's life and engage in corporate welfare...and Holyoake simply did not have the votes.

What annoys me about Glenn and Olivia ...(particularly disappointed in her)...and I do not consider this 'personal' (most welcome to pop over for a drink at my house anytime they like...and a good flogging! Sticking out tongue ha ha!) ..but what annoys me is this view that you should dance with the devil because he is really a nice bloke deep down.

Glenn mentioned his work for Leona Helmsley to me once and how odious he found her....but by Galt, she would have said to Donald Trump "Oh well Don, all is forgiven, let me help you out because you are not as bad as Larry Silverstein" ..(another New York property baron)

She would not have done so because of her principles.

Many may think I am overreacting...but I hope you can understand how visceral my hatred and contempt for the Tories is.

On election day...tick the LIBERTARIANZ box...

Are all SOLOists paid members of the Libertarian Party?

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No, many are not even New Zealanders some are cheep bastards that don't want to part with $20, others such as Jameson feel objectivist/libertarian aims are better meet through other New Zealand parties eg National/Act. Then there are people such as yourself who are just here to ask questions.


"We reserve the right to live"

Benjamin Netanyahu former prime minister of Isreal

on virtues

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Excellence is a virtue. What's on the extreme of that virtue? Could it be 'ridiculous?' Requires pondering, that one.

Why keep dwelling on the past? Elijah is free to express his views as you already have in response to his.

However, one gets the impression Elijah is being side-lined. Who really ARE the SOLOists?

Are all SOLOists paid members of the Libertarian Party?

I don't know. By the way, did Charlie Pride not do a song on Elijah?


on billboards and policies

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Is all not well in the state of Denmark?

Everyone has a price, ole boy.

I picked up on rumblings in the Libertarian Party; just the usual way. Paying attention to subliminal messages between lines.

Why wait for the National Party to take up these slogans? Does the Libertarian Party need funds for these billboards? Where's Glen at today?

One by one. Patience, as KID would say. Ah, good times.


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Your billboards are as excellent as your commentary is ridiculous. Your heroes are wage/price freeze "I am not a crook" Nixon, and Holyoake, National Party Prime Minister 1960-72. I scarcely think that qualifies you to decree, or cheerlead for another who decrees, that certain SOLOists should be damned to hell because they think National will be better than Labour, or to question their honesty.

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